Awful Grace  |  December 2017
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The term crossing over represents a transition between where you are now, and where you want to be. We cross over from old to new, from known to unknown, from life to death. In most cases, it is about taking a bold step. A step that is intentional and requires courage. We never know what the future holds. But unless we are bold enough to take the step, to cross over, we will never find out.

For Awful Grace, this year has been about preparation for that bold step in 2018. We launched two key initiatives that reflect who we fundamentally are.  We are about redeeming our essential humanity. Toki Formation took us on a beautiful journey with inmates in the Singapore Prison. Through this, we learnt about ourselves and about each other. Projek Namaste, took us on a different yet equally significant journey. The community development project in Nepal resulted in 20 families receiving the skills needed in goat farming and the animals to start their own goat farms. We cross over into 2018 with boldness.

If you wish to find out more about Toki Formation and Projek Namaste, please email us.

We marked the transition from Phase 1 to Phase 2 of Toki Formation with an exhibition of the pottery pieces by the inmates. Family members of the inmates, volunteers and prison officers joined in the celebration held earlier this month. Toki Formation continues with a community that has been formed between inmates, their families and volunteers. Each has made a decision to take a bold step into an unknown but discoverable future.

Below is a sample showcase of pottery that was made, named and described by each inmate. There is incredible depth of insight that was forged when they dared take the first bold step to sign up for the programme in July this year. 

The bold step for Awful Grace in 2018 is programme expansion within and beyond the Singapore Prison. We want to be in schools and juvenile facilities, with marginalised communities and their families. For more information on Toki Formation,
 please email us.
A platform for me to change my life: from rock bottom to an awesome individual.  It’s knowledge that is related to the internal and external in us. 

Through Toki Formation I discover myself, know my hidden abilities and capacity to first realise the connection between pottery and life. 

Toki Formation is a place to know myself.   About my strength and my weakness.
Toki Formation helps me reflect a lot, think about my life.  It is therapeutic.  There is openness, willingness and sincerity.  It opens the door to hope. It cultivates new thought and attitude, making us love ourselves, and the people around us. Every week I look forward to attend the class.  I feel safe, secure, loved and hope to be in the Toki Community.

I learned that through patience, hard work and effort, you can get results. I would like to thank Awful Grace for showing me that there is always a way.  
We completed Projek Namaste 2017 in very meaningful ways, with close to 950 prisoners, villagers and children who went through the medical and dental clinics in Nepal. 20 families in the Chitwan district received their cows and goats after attending training on how to breed the animals. These families, Awful Grace, and our partners, Victim Support Rehabilitation Program and Singapore Red Cross, have all decided to take a bold step in 2017 that will see us crossing over into 2018 with plans for programme expansion both in depth and breadth. For more information on Projek Namaste, please email us.

What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.
Albert Pike -

Grace and peace,

Christine Tan
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