Awful Grace | December 2018
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Awfully Happy Holidays
Earlier this month, I had an opportunity to visit my old campus in Austin, Texas. During my flight there, I recalled memories of my university days. Memories I've tucked away and considered my past. But our past isn't really our past is it? Because it also lives in our present. Whether it haunts us or puts a smile on our face. There is no denying that our past shapes us into who we are today. In the same way, the events of 2016 to 2018 will continue to shape Awful Grace.

We have had a wonderful year both in terms of programme expression and fundraising. Our signature programme Toki Formation was run at Admiralty West Prison and Assumption Pathway School.

We celebrated our second anniversary on September 28 with a fundraising dinner. More than 260 friends, volunteers, donors and partners joined hands to celebrate with us. The funds raised will enable us to continue our programmes and activities in the next two years.

In 2018, we were admitted as a full member of the National Council of Social Service. We also received recognition from Singapore Prison Service for our work in the prison. In Nepal, we started the refurbishment of the goat farming centre in Chitwan, whilst continuing with the community development project that enables villagers to start their own goat and cow farms. Last but not least, we were included in a Straits Times article on new charities in Singapore. Read the article here.
This video sums up Awful Grace in the past two years. Thank you all who have worked effortlessly in supporting us since 2016.
Toki Formation
On November 23, Awful Grace was recognised for its partnership with Singapore Prison Service (SPS). We received a token from Senior Parliamentary Secretary from the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Health, Mr Amrin Amin for Toki Formation 2017-2018. 

The apprentices whom we have journeyed with in the past year are now part of Toki Community, an Awful Grace initiative in throughcare. 
On December 15, together with their family members, we enjoyed an evening of pottery fun with our Toki Community apprentices. This was the first time we gathered for a pottery session outside of prison.

The next Toki Formation workshop for the Awful Grace community and potential volunteers will be held from February 18, 2019 onwards (a total of 10 sessions). To find out more about becoming a volunteer, email us.
It has been yet another year of growth for Awful Grace. Growth not just in terms of programme expression and funding, but more importantly a year of growth in the lives that we have journeyed with. That is what's most important for us at Awful Grace.

Grace and peace,

Christine Tan

"Yesterday I was clever, 
so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise,
so I am changing myself."

-  Jalaluddin Rumi  -
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