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Everything we do either builds or erodes trust. Teams that don’t trust work in silos & the pieces never fit together well in the end

The Secret Sauce for Great Teamwork Isn’t Secrecy

Almost a century has passed since the White Sox threw the World Series in 1919, yet we still feel reminiscent shock and awe when we stumble upon the story that stunned a nation. Eight players formed a bond of secrecy, a bond that would ban them from the game for life
When I think about what must have gone on behind closed doors for the White Sox, I can’t help but reflect on team dynamics in other arenas. Take business for example. We are often in a pressure cooker, willing ourselves to perform consistently over time, which takes a toll on a team. 
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All About Teamwork #PeopleSkills

Empathy Lessons from Fifth-graders

You might think there’s no room for empathy in sports competitions. Sports, by their nature, are competitive.  Keep Reading

Leading Without Regret

We all experience highs and lows in life. We win some and we lose some. If we want to get the most out of life, we keep doing our best and find joy in whatever outcome that produces.
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