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Walter Rakowich

Dear Friend,

In his newsletter last week, former Pittsburgh Pirates manager Clint Hurdle shared Jon Gordon's motivating post about how to overcome fear by recognizing that our negative thoughts are not our fault. They are, as Jon says, unwelcome guests who lie, and we can decide whether or not to entertain them. I think it's something we can all relate to, especially now.

In fact, Jess Larsen and I talked about this in "Fear Not, Have Faith" - the third and final episode of a new podcast "mini-series." While I think a leader’s fears can be used effectively for the good in some cases, they often can develop into insecurities that become dangerous to your leadership and those around you. Overcoming fear takes an intentional focus to put your faith in things you believe in and can rely on. I hope you'll give these episodes a listen.


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Walter Rakowich

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A power failure just before our previously scheduled LinkedIn Live chat forced us to reschedule. So, I hope you'll plan to join us for take two on Monday, November 23rd at 2PM EST. We'll be chatting live about a new definition of #leadership, and how he works with people to surface their core leadership values. Tune in with your questions! Follow me on LinkedIn here to get an alert when we're live.
Seeking Outside Advice
When I spoke with Sally on LinkedIn Live, we both agreed that having a coach or even a friend to offer advice is a critical element of successful leadership. Watch this clip to see the discussion and head here for the full conversation.
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