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Walter Rakowich

Dear Friend,

There are those who contend that the global pandemic has changed what followers need from their leaders, but that’s not really true. What has changed are the circumstances, and those circumstances have served to emphasize what followers have always needed from their leaders.

For instance, a recent Gallup survey found that the four greatest emotional needs workers have right now are trust, compassion, stability and hope. Those seem like perfect antidotes to fears and uncertainties brought on by the coronavirus chaos. When you think about it, though, when have followers not needed trust, compassion, stability and hope from their leaders?


Walter Rakowich

Leading from a Distance
Communication builds trust. Silence, on the other hand, creates a void that's almost always filled by others with wrong information and wrong perceptions. Read my new piece about 5 ways to promote engagement among remote workers in World at Work here
Valuable lessons for making difficult decisions
Senior Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Technology Sydney, Adrian Camilleri asked hundreds of people about their biggest life decisions. Read what he's learned so far in The Conversation.

If you want to add to his research, you can fill out this survey about the 10 biggest life decisions you've made. You can also explore current results with this tool.
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Transfluence: Leading with Transformative Influence in Today's Climates of Change
Leading with Transformative Influence in Today's Climates of Change
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