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Walter Rakowich

Dear Friend,

Some of the most valuable lessons in life come from studying the experiences of people who have endured trials we would never want to endure ourselves.

That’s comforting, at least to me, as we continue through a season of global uncertainty brought on by the pandemic. People have spent a year adjusting to unprecedented challenges, and there are those who are predicting that a mental health crisis will be part of the ongoing fallout even after the coronavirus is under control.

Yet, we don’t have to start from scratch as we work to figure out how to deal with the challenges of the unknown. I’ve come to believe that no matter our difficulties, the most important place for a leader to begin is with adopting the right mindset. And to keep my attitude in the right place during hard times, I often think back on the lessons I’ve learned from three men who survived ordeals that are difficult for me to imagine.


Walter Rakowich

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