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October 2019

Preparing for Wounded Angels
With the publication of Wounded Angels only about three months away, I am working as fast as I can to update everything surrounding my writing.  That includes my blog posts and website. My new book website, is currently under construction and should be on-line in the near future. I have also replaced my beloved angel picture on the blog masthead with the image from the book cover to make it easier for you to spot once it is published.  I welcome your comments and suggestions. Thank you.

Preorder Date is December 18!

Interested in preordering copies of Wounded Angels from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other sites? (I'd like to think they would make great holiday presents). If so, you can do so starting December 18, 2019.

Copies will be available for direct purchase on-line and in book stores on January 14, 2020.  
On The Road Again!

After a very long break, I am once again heading out on the speaking circuit. Here are the details of my first planned presentation. 
"How Do I Publish, Let Me Count the Ways"

Presentation to members of the Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association (CAPA),
Saturday, October 19, 2019, 10:30 am to Noon
Sycamore Hills Park Community Center, 635 W. Avon Rd, Avon, CT 
If you are an aspiring author, this organization exists to meet your needs.
Arrive for the networking meeting at 10 am and introduce yourself. I will be happy to introduce you as my guest. 
For more information, refer to their website:

NOTE: CAPA will be taping this presentation live and streaming it on YouTube! If you would like to tune in, according to Steve Rielly of CAPA:

"All someone has to do is go to then type in Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association in the search area and they'll see the live feed to click on. Its that easy."

More Themes and Snippets from
Wounded Angels

Wounded Angels touches on a number of important themes. I presented a few of them in my August post along with a sample of the writing that addressed each theme. Here are a few more.

Love - Wounded Angels is based on the real-life experiences of people who lost a significant other after many years in a close, loving relationship. My protagonist, Maureen, is based largely upon my mother-in-law, Charlotte and the scene where Maureen first meets Frank is based upon the actual way Charlotte met her husband, Fred.

"MAY I HAVE this dance?”
I recall those words and the way they were said as clearly now as when I first heard them. The Cypress Avenue Roller Rink was popular with neighborhood families and local high school students. For fifteen cents, you could skate all Saturday afternoon. I didn’t have to look up to see who asked; I had memorized that voice. Even merged with the rumbling of dozens of roller skaters and Fred Astaire's “They Can’t Take That Away From Me” booming through the giant roller rink, it stood out." 

Trust - The suicide of Maureen's father leaves her with a deep-seated fear of abandonment and she remains leery about placing her trust in other men. Those fears are tested when Frank suggests lifting her over his head as they practice dancing on roller skates.

"I turned to face Frank. He was in position and ready. Then he gave me a reassuring smile and nodded for me to come. As I skated toward him, I felt outside my own body, conscious only of the sound of my skate wheels and the look in Frank’s eyes. Then I realized that I had lost track of my speed. I’m going too fast, I thought. He won’t be able to stop me. We’re both going to come crashing down! There was no time to adjust. I was only inches from Frank so at the last moment I closed my eyes and jumped skyward." 

Prejudice - Wounded Angels explores a number of instances of prejudice. In the following example, as Maureen and Frank become closer, their relationship is tested when Maureen's mother, who is German, finds out that Frank is Italian. 

“He acts very nice,” she said.
“Oh, he is mom. He’s thoughtful and considerate, he’s very smart, and he’s Catholic.”
“Good. All Italian men act nice at the beginning but after they get comfortable, they change. You cannot keep seeing him.”
“What! Mom, you don’t even know him.”
“I don’t have to know him. He’s Italian and he can’t help it. All Italian men are after the same thing and they are not going to get it from my daughter.”
“Frank isn’t like that. He’s been nothing but a gentleman.”
“For now, but you don’t hear him when he’s talking with his friends and bragging about how far he’s getting with you.”
“He’s not getting anywhere with me and it's not just up to him. Don’t you trust me?”
“You think you love him, don’t you?”
“Well… yes.”
“Then no, I don’t trust you.”
More Advanced Praise for

Wounded Angels
As I mentioned in my last announcement, I sent advanced copies Wounded Angels to several respected authors and other professionals asking each of them, if they deemed the book worthwhile, to write a brief review for me. Here are the next two of those I have received. 
"I very much enjoyed this compelling novel written by the talented, Chuck Miceli. The story's humanity touched me deeply as it constantly tugged at my heartstrings and walked me through some of my own bittersweet memories.
I grew to care more and more about Maureen Russo and what she was going through as she gave all that she had to offer. Wounded Angels is a book that is sure to grip its readers and not let them go until well after they flip past the last page and finally lay down this masterpiece."

Dan Blanchard - Bestselling and award-winning author,  speaker, educator, and TV host.

"Wounded Angels, is a novel of resolve, resolution and recovery.  Chuck Miceli’s “autobiography” of Maureen Bower, traces her life from childhood in 1930s Brooklyn, New York through near-present day Connecticut. She chronicles her experiences through World War II and the Viet Nam era and the losses that leave her feeling abandoned by those who loved her. One “abrasive” woman simply refuses to let her sink into despondency and in the process, they “save” each other.  Based on real-life, Wounded Angels provides many points and examples that strike true to the reader’s heart and mind. It’s an enjoyable, engaging read and well worth the time."
Charles I. Motes, Jr., M.S., M.P.H, R.S.
Former Director of Health, town of Southington and city of Bristol, CT

Going to a Play at Seven Angels Theater
in Waterbury, CT?
Then Check Out the Ad for 
Wounded Angels
On Page 9 of the 29th Season Playbill

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Until the next time, warmest regards, Chuck

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