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This "Up and Coming"

is dedicated to my sister 

Rosaria "Sadie" MacDonald

June 12, 1934 

~ December 21, 2019
Those of you who have followed the development of Wounded Angels know that I based my main character, Maureen, primarily on my mother-in-law, Charlotte. Maureen however, is a composite of many people, men and women, that I have known who lost a significant other after many years in a close, loving relationship. Other than Charlotte, Sadie was the most prominent.  This holiday season, Sadie fought a host of physical setbacks and on December 21, returned home to God, to her beloved husband Ed, and to Eddie and Cheryl, two of her children who predeceased her. Sadie read an early draft of Wounded Angels and said that she loved Maureen and hated Doris, which I considered a high compliment. I only wish that I could have had the opportunity to give her a finished copy of the book.
A Theme and Snippet from
Wounded Angels 

Based Upon Sadie

Wounded Angels touches on a number of important themes. The following theme and text from the book are based on a conversation I had with Sadie.

The Little Things in Life: When we lose someone we love, we tend to remember little things that endeared them to us. For example, just prior to my mother’s death, I stopped at her house each week before going to a morning class at nearby Tunxis Community College. Each week, she made me a delicious breakfast of eggs, pepperoni and olives. When I returned to her house after her death, I found those ingredients still waiting in the refrigerator for our next breakfast.

Likewise, for the last several years I have taken Sadie to the Bristol Senior Center on one or more days each week. At the center, Sadie took classes in ceramics, painting, chair yoga, etc. while I wrote Wounded Angels. Then we would go to lunch together. Each morning when I entered Sadie’s house, she would greet me with “The coffee’s ready.” A mug sat on the counter next to the freshly brewed pot of coffee. Like mom’s breakfast, that image of Sadie’s coffee will remain with me for the rest of my life.

Sadie too, remembered the little things about her husband, Ed, as illustrated in the following scene from Wounded Angels. The conversation occurred between Sadie and me shortly after Ed died. We were in Rodd’s restaurant on Farmington Avenue in Bristol, CT. In the book, I used Maureen's daughter, Bridget, for my part of the conversation.

“MOM,” BRIDGET SCOLDED, “if you keep staring at that couple, you’re going to make them nervous.”
I turned back to her, “I wasn’t staring at them.”
“Yes, you were. You have been ever since we came in.”
“I wasn’t looking at them. That’s your father’s favorite booth.” Bridget scanned the center booth on the opposite wall as I continued. “If they’re still here when he comes, he’ll refuse to eat until they leave, no matter how long it takes. Then he’ll order the same breakfast as always—two eggs over medium with rye toast, crispy home fries, and one pancake. He loves their pancakes.”
“Oh,” Bridget answered. “Did you forget, Mom?”
“Forget what?”
“Dad isn’t coming today.”
“No? Why not?”
Bridget placed her hand on top of mine and spoke softly, “Because he’s gone, Mom.”
I had to stop to concentrate and let my mind catch up. Where was I? Where was Frank? What was I doing here? Then slowly, everything settled back into place. I looked into Bridget’s eyes and saw the tear running down her cheek.
“Oh … yes … that’s right…. I’m sorry, honey…. I just couldn’t help feeling that your father was going to walk through the door any moment and say that he’s starving.”

Important January 2020 Dates

  • January 14, 2020 - Publication date for Wounded Angels, after which you can get copies immediately on-line or at your local book store. If you are in the Bristol / Southington area, you can get copies at Patrick Baker and Sons, in Southington. 
  • January 15, 2020 -  8 am - I will be one of two featured businesses to make a brief 3-5 minute "Business Spotlight" presentation at the Southington Chamber of Commerce meeting at the Orchards in Southington, CT. For more information, contact the Southington Chamber of Commerce, 860-628-8036
  • January 15, 2020 - 7 pm - That same evening, Gordon Ellis and I will be interviewed on the Early Late Night Live Show, in Exeter, New Hampshire. I will discuss Wounded Angels and Gordon will address his new song album, Love Heals. You can listen to the interview live on their YouTube page ( If you miss it live, they also store previous shows on the same site. The show will also air live on Exeter Channel 98 and several other local New Hampshire channels. 
  • January 22, 2020 - 7 - 8 pm - I will be the featured speaker at the Southington Lions Club meeting at the Manor Inn in Plantsville, CT. 
  • January 25, 2020 - 3 to 5:30 pm -  You are invited to join us for the Launch Party! First Congregational Church 37 Main Street, on the green in Southington.
The launch takes place in the church's Memorial Hall with a snow date of Sunday, January 26, at the same time.

At the launch, I will present the "Story Behind the Story " of
Wounded Angels, including a slide presentation, and will read excerpts from the book. Gordon will discuss the development of LOVE HEALS and offer selected songs from his album. For anyone who wants, copies of both items will be for sale and Gordon and I will be happy to sign and personalize them for you. There will be many other highlights, so if you are in the area, come and join in the celebration. Since refreshments will be served, please call the church office if possible at 860-628-6958 to let us know you will be coming.  
A Wonderful Review for Wounded Angels
Wounded Angels receives a "Five Star" review from Readers' Favorite
I am honored to share the following Five Star review given to Wounded Angels by Reader's Favorite. 

Reviewed by Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite

Wounded Angels by Chuck Miceli is a novel that is both emotionally and psychologically rich, a story of two souls that have been deeply wounded and a journey towards healing that is filled with mystery.

Maureen Bower is just fourteen when her father abandons her. But then Frank Russo comes into her life and makes her feel loved, standing by her on every challenge and supporting her through difficult moments and complications from family and the devastating sense of loss, and separation. But what if Frank also abandons her? Maureen’s thoughts on abandonment usher her into a deep depression and no one seems to have a strong and positive effect on her. The path of healing might be in Doris Cantrell, a woman who has suffered abuse in childhood, has experienced a failed marriage and been estranged from her daughter. The connection between Maureen and Doris might bring the healing that both of them deserve.

Intelligently imagined and deftly written, Wounded Angels is a book that will speak to the reader’s heart. The sense of pathos is very strong as the reader watches the characters struggle with the reality of emotional pain. Chuck Miceli’s book reflects the reality of the human heart, exploring themes of depression, loss, family, love, and healing. The characters are richly developed and each has strong emotional depth. It isn’t difficult to identify with Maureen and to imagine the pain that she goes through after her experience of abandonment. I quickly learned to love this character and wanted to see what eventually becomes of her. The prose is gorgeous, the plot strong and the storytelling craft so refined that readers can’t help feeling as though they are part of the world of the characters, thanks to the humanity of these characters and the realism of the writing.
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