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May 2019 Newsletter


Next Club night is on Thursday 2 May starting at 7.30 pm in Classroom 1, St John Ambulance Station, Western Hills Drive, Whangarei.

We'll hear the results of the last competitions, Photojournalism and Open, and also show and discuss last month's image processing challenge.
Tonight your images for the Simplicity and Portrait Trophy competitions need to be uploaded.

Warm welcome

We are delighted to welcome our new members this year. These include:
  • Craig McCormick
  • Cath McCormick
  • Phyll Holroyd
  • Phillip Shaw
  • Stacey Townsend
  • Jack Horlock
  • Julie Horlock
  • Patrick Williams
Please don't hesitate to ask anyone if you are unsure about anything. And we'd love to hear your ideas for club activities or workshops. 

Clarification on rules
If an image is taken on a club outing that you want to enter into a competition at some stage, please don't submit it for any club slideshow or highlights display. Just use your next best images for these.

Image sizes
A reminder to club members about resizing their competition entries to 1620 pixels on the longest side.
There have been quite a few recently that have not been correctly sized, which can affect the image quality if they are too small, or create size problems when trying to upload to the website if they are too big.
You can set up a preset with that 1620 pixels so that you will always export your images to the right dimensions. In any case, just make it a habit to check when saving your images.

Subscriptions now due
Please pay your subs now

Thank you to all you have already paid :-)
Subs are:
  • $85 per couple
  • $65 per single
  • $30 per junior (secondary school age).
If you don't want to have to find coins for meeting nights, you can pay $40 to cover your meeting fees for the year. The total would be $165 per couple, $105 per single or $70 per junior.

Please make your payment by Internet Banking to 12-3093-0144102-00
Please make sure to add your name so we can make sure it is allocated correctly.
If not paid by the end of April, the members part of the website will no longer be accessible to you.


Workshop Night: Water

The next Workshop evening on 16th May is on Water. This is the topic for the President's Challenge so the workshop night will be a chance to hone your skills.

We are setting up several work stations with water in different ways, so you can get your hands wet (but not your camera!).

Bring your camera, phone, tripod, flash, torch or other lighting you might want to try.

Here are some tutorials to help you get inspired.

Club Outings

Winter Wonderland 
June/July 2019

After a long hot summer, we figure you might be keen to try and find some snow. So we're heading down to National Park, probably staying in Pipers Lodge and will have easy day walks to the many gorgeous places around the mountains. 

Tiritiri Matangi Island
August/September 2019

This popular trip to the bird-filled island of Tiritiri Matangi is held annually. Go on a day trip or spend a few days on the island to really get close to nature. 

If you are interested in spending a day or weekend on this fascinating island, please add your name to the list on the front desk on Thursday night.

Rotoroa Island
November 2019

This island was closed to the public for 100 years and was best known as a retreat for alcoholics. You can now stay there in houses and there are lots of birds, gorgeous vistas and bays to explore.

If you are interested in going on any of these trips, for the entire time or as a day tripper, please let a committee member know and put your name down on a list at the registration desk at the next meeting.

This is your own project for the year, where you get to choose your topic and put together a portfolio of three to five images. The idea is to push yourself to try new techniques and advance your knowledge and creativity.
Make sure you choose your topic soon, so you can start to put images aside for that as it seems to come around very quickly! There is a cool trophy too!

Any cameras to sell?

Do you have an entry-level camera and lens you wish to sell? Pam has a buyer and would like to hear from you on
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