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We are not able to hold club meetings at the St John Club rooms until Level 1.

There's lots to read about this month. Your committee was able to get together recently for some decision making.  It was so nice to see faces that we haven't met in a while. 
Under Covid restrictions it is quite difficult to arrange anything but we persevere. Even this newsletter had to wait for the next Alert Level review. So we remain at Level 2, the following is our "roadmap" to keeping the club going..
Members should take particular note of the Competitions and Exhibition items as they include instructions you will need to be aware of. W
e will continue online through newsletters so please upload your images as usual.     Stay safe, stay well, stay warm.
Thursday 7 October 2021 starting at 7.30pm CANCELLED
With sadness we are letting you know that a past longtime member of our club, Dick Millar, has passed away.
For many years Dick sat at the front table on club nights and welcomed us all as we arrived. Just over 3 years ago Dick moved to Perth to live with his daughter Sue.
He was a very interesting man with lots of photography knowledge and he loved his gadgets. There are some of us that knew him well and miss his presence.
He is remembered with fondness.
Rest In Peace Dick
Congratulations to Jack Horlock
Jack has had two images accepted in the Dunedin Festival of Photography exhibition. His ‘Rock Trinity’ Triptych and portrait of ‘Dom’. The following link to the webpage will allow you to see all the images in the exhibition. The Triptych was also accepted into the National Triptych Salon run by the Nelson Camera Club.  Well done Jack.

Jack's entries provide some encouragement  to members to also have a go at the National competitions available. It's also interesting to have a look at what others are producing.
Due 7 October
Creative Trophy
Anything Goes. Upload to the website as per usual
Audio Visual Trophy

The deadline for this competition has been extended to Monday 11 October.
The completed AV should be saved as an MPEG-4 file and loaded to either DropBox or similar program for sharing large files. Share your link with Barbara at so she can download them.
Alternatively, load on to a memory stick with the Title and your member number.
The memory sticks can be handed to Noel at the St John Ambulance carpark Monday 11 October at 7pm. Please ring him to let him know if you want this service. If he is not notified, he will not turn up. Phone Noel 09 4375347.
Due 4 November: Print & Projected Image of the Year
Images taken in the current year with Honors or Highly Commended including winners and runners up. 

Salon Portfolio Trophy
The portfolio is to consist of 3 best Images of the year which have not been entered into any other competition. There does not need to be a connection between the images.

 All images from the Landscape Trophy and Emotions Competitions will be viewable on the front page of the Website - - on Thursday 7 October, and Club members will be able to view the results and comments on Thursday evening.  
Interclub Results
The results of the Interclub competition have been received from the Judge Jan Maree Vodanovich.
 She writes, "Thank you so much for asking me to judge your interclub competition. It was an honor.  Although the winning entry and runner-up were ultimately my decision, I did collaborate with fellow judge Marie Richards in the initial scoring and discussion, resulting in more time spent on each image, differing viewpoints being considered, and a fairer scoring system, for the photographer. 
The interesting range of subject matter and technical quality of the entries made judging extremely enjoyable on the one hand and very difficult on the other, particularly in choosing a first and second place.  I hope you manage to celebrate your year suitably within the Covid parameters.
 Thank you"
The winning club was Mid North  86.25 points which also claimed the winning image, Persephone. Author Unknown.
Second was Dargaville Club, 71.75 points.
Third Whangarei Club, 69.50 points.

Our own Bruce Dorset produced the runner-up image, Day at the Beach, Well done Bruce!

 Workshop 21st October
For the Workshop we propose to provide a demo for attaching your Exhibition prints to matts especially for our newer members and distribute frames to those who require them.  Pam will also give her talk on understanding the Exposure Triangle. Any items for the Exhibition raffle can also be bought along.
Of course this will depend on whether we are at Level One.  Once the Alert level is known, a news flash will be sent out confirming the meeting.
Our Club Exhibition 
15 November to 5 December  2021
This year we are planning to hold an exhibition at Reyburn house in November. All our images must be ready by the 4th of November club night.  Entry is open to all club members and you can choose two images of your own that you love. We know that the exhibition area holds about 30 images and if we are over subscribed this may go down to one image each.
You may drop your prints off and any items for the raffle at Pam's place before the 4 November, 13 Bedlington Street Whangarei. Please text her first 027-3212152

Here is the information you need to know.

1.  The club owns 30 frames that we will use. The frames hold an A3 size print  (29.7 cm x 42 cm).  When pricing your image for sale, please factor in the cost of $8.00 which the club will take to replace the frame. There is also a commission charged by Reyburn house (which is standard) there will be more on this closer to the time.

2.  Some photographers prefer to have a matt (cardboard edge) against the glass and the image inside of this. The matts we order in allow you to print an image 10x15inches. There will be an over lap of about 10mm (1cm) so make sure nothing important is sitting hard against the edge.

3. 10x15inches has the same crop ratio as a standard 4x6 image.

4.  Let me know asap if you would like a matt ordered for you, either black or white. I am not sure of the exact cost but generaly it is between $7-$15. This depends on where the matts come from and this depends on the numbers required.

5. If your image is not a standard size you can print and order a matt to fit- just make sure the outside edge is A3 size.  There are a couple of places in town that do this and I can recommend  based in Ruakaka.

6.  Printing Options

a.  Neal Martin - Photo Enhancements

2AParahaki St, Regent, Whangarei 0112

09 4594147

He will be able to print the image any size you want. This would be perfect if you did not want to put a cardboard edge (or Matt) around the outside of your image in the frame.

Simply crop your image in your software of choice to the size given (29.7cm x 42cm) and he will make this happen, the advantage of using Neal is that you can see your image on his screen and see what it will look like printed. Neal has 1:1 screen which is very helpful.

Going to Neal will mean you have the best quality print for just a small cost increase.

Tell him you are from camera club (discount applies) you need to allow a couple of days for printing.

b. If you take your image to Harvey Norman or the Stationery Warehouse, the biggest you can print is 10x15 inches. This is the same ratio as a 4x6 image. Which means if you have a 4x6 image you can print it at 10 x15.  Which will allow you to have a matt added to the image.

Contact for ordering bulk matts.

Pam Stephen


Some Timely Reminders

 For our newer members some information about the following:
  •  Salon Workers Portfolio due November 4th.
  • Hooper Trophy due December.
    This is a fun event judged on the floor by Club members.
    One color print of a club members.
    To be taken Outside Anywhere, does not have to be taken on a club outing.
    Print size 4x6
    No Back and White prints
    Not to be taken at any Workshop 
  • Self Assignment. Not due till next year but not one to leave till the last minute.  Not too soon to start giving this some thought.  3-5 printed images with a theme mounted on card no larger than 40x50cm (16x20in) .
This 'n That
  • Anyone Interested in these items?
  • Minolta Auto 360px Flash,
  • 70 - 210 Minolta lens and
  • Various Cokin Filters. Contact VickiCotton

  • Club Outing: We are proposing an outing to the Quarry Gardens 7th November. Further details in the November newsletter 
  • Photo Opportunities: Spring is in the air so check out your garden or local park. Lambs, daffodils, fruit trees, magnolias .... there is a lot of prettiness out there to cheer you up in lockdown.
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