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Believe or not Summer is on it's way.  We've passed the shortest day which means the year is flying by. We look forward to the results of the Open and Night Sky competitions.
A warm welcome to new members and welcome back to existing members. If you are interested in joining, don't hesitate to come along and join the fun.
See you there at Classroom 1, St John Ambulance Station,
Thursday 1st July 2021 starting at 7.30pm
Due 1st July
Body Part/s
Not necessarily human.  Can be a body part or parts. What other body parts are there? Let's see what you come up with.
Can be a Bird or Birds of the feathered variety.
Due 5 August: Nautical Trophy
( anything to do with boats, anchors, sails, ropes etc).

Ruth our Judging Covenor, is looking for ideas for competition subjects next year. You may think that's ages away  but in order to secure judges Ruth needs to start organising this soon.
If anyone has a particular subject they would like considered please contact Ruth
 Workshop 15 July
Is going to be on Emotion/s. 
This will be fun trying to capture just at the right moment that expression of Happy (just won the Lotto), Sad (lost the winning ticket), Fear (a big black spider would do it), Disgust (smelly socks), Contempt, Anger, Surprise (popping a balloon suddenly).
We will divide into groups and each group can choose an emotion to capture. Do some google research and practice in front of the mirror your best scream. 

Bring along your camera, a tripod if you have one, lighting and any props to help capture those emotions mentioned above. 8 ways to capture emotion in photography
"Emotion in a photograph, or any work of art, is what helps a viewer connect with a piece if that emotion is prevalent in the viewer. Happiness and joy, sorrow and despair, these are some of the easier emotions as they are universally felt, at one time or another, by all on this planet."

With all the attention on the night sky at the moment, here is another photography technique for you to try. Star trails are formed by combining multiple images (at least 80) of the stars as the earth rotates. Find a south-facing spot to get the circular trails. You need a really dark night around the new moon and clear skies.
Anyone who is interested in trying this out is welcome to join in on an evening shoot in the near future at Donna Russell's place at Whatitiri. There are clear views to the Tangihua ranges and not much light pollution along Baker Road. 
You can walk through the bush behind our house as another option or stay near your car on Baker Road.
I'll put out a contact sheet for you to register your interest. It's likely to be with short notice governed by the weather conditions.
It'll be nippy too (us Northlanders have nothing to moan about really!) so you'll need to wrap up warm, bring a thermos, and you will definitely need a tripod and a remote release.
Some Timely Reminders
The year is flying by and before we know it the following competitions will be upon us.
So have you started getting together your images for the Audio Visual Trophy? due 7th October.
For our newer members some information about the following:
  •  AV Trophy: Images must be original work of entrant over the current year. AV should be 3-5 minutes in length. Completed AV to be loaded and saved as an MPEG-4 on to memory stick which is labelled with your Member number.
  • Our Club Exhibition to be held 15 November This is a chance to show case your work. The exhibition will be held at Reyburn House. Two printed images per member. Our club owns A3 size frames and mats can be ordered through the club. Advice and instructions will be advised nearer to the time. 
  •   Salon Workers Portfolio due November 4th. The portfolio is to consist of 3 best Images of the year which have not been entered into any other competition. There does not need to be a connection between the images.
  • Self Assignment. Not due till next year but not one to leave till the last minute.  Not to soon to start giving this some thought.  3-5 printed images with a theme mounted on card no larger than 40x50cm (16x20in) .
The Whanganui Camera Club are holding  their annual photographic competition.
The Salon will be open to all New Zealand photographers with a maximum of twelve digital entries each (four per category). Images may be from anywhere in the world. Entry fees will be a $5 admin fee plus $5 per image. Images will be assessed by three category judges (see below) 
The Whanganui Salon 2021 – Humanity and Earth, will be for images in three categories:
 Humanity and the Natural World  -relationships between humanity and all aspects of the natural world. Images that demonstrate the interactions between humans (actual or implied) and nature be it with animals, plants or the wider environment; positive and/or negative.     
The Works of Humankind - significant structures or human activities in the context of the environment. Images that range from the built environments of human settlements to the workings of the land and water such as agriculture, horticulture, energy production, transport, mining or whatever.
Living in a Changing World - the human experience in the 2020s. Images that show people responding to or experiencing the many changes they are facing in the modern world from climate change, to pandemics, to technology, to poverty, to opportunity and more.I
Entries open 27 July and close 24 August
For further details visit  
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