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July 2019 Newsletter


Next club night is on Thursday 4 July starting at 7.30 pm in Classroom 1, St John Ambulance Station, Western Hills Drive, Whangarei.

We'll hear the results of the latest competitions:

  • President's Challenge: Water
  • Open 

Even if you haven't entered any images, you can always learn more from the judges' assessments - and see some beautiful images. 
Tonight your images for the Repeating Elements and Worn by Time competitions need to be uploaded.

Winter conditions hard on camera gear 

Wind, water and sand might make great photos but they are not good for camera gear.
Damage can be caused when dirt and sand get into camera and tripod crevices, and windy conditions can cause blurry photos. Here are some tips:
  • If you sit or lie down, push yourself with your fist to avoid sand or dirt grains sticking to your palms and transferring to your camera.
  • Use a fast shutter speed to stop leaves and trees blurring in the wind (unless you want that effect).
  • Turn on image stabilization to allow the camera to compensate for any slight movement.
  • Try to brace yourself by leaning against a wall or tree and hold the camera close to your body.
  • Use a sturdy tripod, and stabilize it with a weight.
  • Shield the camera with your body.
  • Protect your camera with a plastic bag.
  • Avoid changing camera lenses out in the wind. 

Workshop Night:
Painting with Light

The next Workshop evening is on Thursday 18 July.
We're heading out to the Mair Park playground area in Rurumoki St, Regent.
We'll also be trying some spark photography which looks stunning.

Bring your camera, phone, tripod, flash, torch or other lighting you might want to try.
Coloured cellophane over torches can create wonderful effects.
Wrap up well as it might be chilly.
We'll finish up with a hot chocolate at McDonalds.
If it's wet, we'll meet at St John as usual and do something similar.

Upload your Workshop images

If you have any images you'd like to share from the Different Perspectives workshop night, please upload them to the AnglesWorkshopShow category on the website.
It will be interesting to see all the different perspectives generated from the various items!
Please do not upload any images that you might want to use in future competitions.

More images needed for Simplicity

We're hunting for some more quality images for the Interclub's Simplicity topic. Please contact Pam Stephen if you have any images that might suit.
These are needed as soon as possible and can be uploaded to an extra category on the website. 

Student works on show

Student photos from Whangarei Girls High School and Boys High are currently on show at the Shutter Room until 12 July.
Pop in and be inspired by young photographers at the Shutter Room, which is near the Whangarei Library.
Set your Self-assignment

This is your own project for the year, where you get to choose your topic and put together a portfolio of three to five images. The idea is to push yourself to try new techniques and advance your knowledge and creativity.
Make sure you choose your topic soon, so you can start to put images aside for that as it seems to come around very quickly! There is a cool trophy too!

Club Outings

Dates are now confirmed for these club adventures:

Tiritiri Matangi Island
Sunday 18 August to Wednesday 21 August  2019
This popular trip to the bird-filled island of Tiritiri Matangi is organized by Margaret Hooper each year. Go on a day trip by ferry from Gulf Harbour on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula or spend a few days on the island to really get close to nature. 

If you are interested in spending a day or weekend on this fascinating island, please add your name to the list on the front desk on Thursday night.

Rotoroa Island
Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 October 2019
This island was closed to the public for 100 years and was best known as a retreat for alcoholics. You can now stay there in houses and there are lots of birds, gorgeous vistas and bays to explore.
This trip is being organised by Donna Russell.
Two houses have been booked and are full.
Day trips are still possible if you want to go.

Exploring National Park

Friday 1 November to Sunday 3 November 2019
Led by Noel Herman, this outing will be heading down to National Park, probably staying in Pipers Lodge and will have easy day walks to the many gorgeous places around the mountains. Suitable for all ages, and you can walk as much or as little as you want.

If you are interested in going on any of these trips, for the entire time or as a day tripper, please let the tour leader know and put your name down on a list at the registration desk at the next meeting.
Our own Exhibition

Our club will also be holding an exhibition in November this year.
Please start to think about the two images that you would like to exhibit. 
These will be prints of A4 size, frames will be provided.
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