Africa   |   November 2019

Water Infrastructure

Hydropedological Studies for Water Use Licences
By understanding the flow drivers, developers can make better decisions about mitigation measures. Get informed →

How Wetlands Help Rescue Us From Drought
With South Africa’s water security on a knife-edge, there's urgent need for wetlands to be rehabilitated. Protect our water →

Mine Closure

Growing Focus on Social Transitioning in Closure
Social acceptance of mining continues to be a challenge, not only during operations but also after closure. Build trust →


Collaborating for Digital Innovation In Engineering
Knowledge sharing internally and externally is a vital process for advancing expertise. Gain knowledge →


Trends in Infrastructure and Project Finance
Turmoil in the South African mining industry seems to be dissipating, with new projects kicking off. What's the latest? →

Climate Change

Managing Disaster in an Age of Climate Change
South Africa can become more resilient to natural disasters if cities understand climate change. How do we prepare? →

Climate Change Impacts on Water Quality
More attention needs to be paid to the causes of and responses to declining water quality and its management. Discover why →
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