Africa   |   August 2019

Mineral Resources

South Africa's Fields of Gold
Contrary to popular belief, great opportunities still exist for gold miners in South Africa. Look closer →

Mine Water Treatment

Every Drop Counts
Growing population and the impact of climate change has raised the bar for water management. Evaluate the options →

Mine Safety

Safety, Diversity, and Transformation
Challenges persist, but the mining sector has made huge strides since 1994. Where to now? →

Stakeholder Engagement

Meeting Stakeholder Expectations
It is becoming increasingly vital for mines to take a proactive approach in managing expectations. Face the challenges →

Mine Closure

Why is Mine Rehab Still a Challenge?
South Africa's mine closure laws compare well internationally, yet the country has very few examples of success. Discover why →

Sustainable Energy

Could Renewables Unlock Affordable Power?
The slow pace of developing Africa's traditional electricity has opened the door for alternative energy. Learn more →

Water Infrastructure

South Africa's Water Sector
The increase in water infrastructure initiatives is being driven by crisis, rather than long-term planning. Be prepared →

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