North America   |   February 2020

Tailings Management

Jerritt Canyon Tailings Storage Facility
Through the mine's operation, this facility stored over 500 million gallons of supernatant water. See our remediation strategy →

Reprocessing Legacy Tailings Impoundments
When under-regulated tailings are reprocessed, value to nearby communities can be substantial. Evaluate viable options →

Structural Geology

Gold Mineralisation During Orogenic Extension
How do you achieve confident resource estimation of complex deformed mineralisation? Read two case studies →

Cave Mining

Rapid Cave Design and Production Scheduling
When dealing with uncertainty, the ability to quickly generate multiple designs is an advantage. Plan strategically →

Mine Closure

Sand and Aggregate: Diminishing Natural Resources
Production of sand and aggregate from mine waste can offset a portion of a mine's reclamation costs. Assess the potential →

Design-Build Mine Remediation Projects
Designs that look good on paper do not always reflect the specific conditions of the site. Improve collaboration →


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