North America   |   June 2019

Open Pit Mining

Ultimate Pit Size Selection
There are many constraining factors and conflicting targets in defining final expansion. Where's the optimum point? →

Stakeholder Engagement

Presenting Closure Plans to Communities
How do you balance technical detail requirements with the clarity needed for effective dialogue? Bridge the gap →

Resource Estimation

Leapfrog EDGE vs Datamine Studio RM
How does Leapfrog's recently developed estimation module stand up to established software? Watch the comparison →

Mine Reclamation

Defining an Effective Post-Mining Land Use
While closure vision should be aspirational, post-mining land uses should be productive and sustainable. Start discussions early →

Project Evaluation

So, You Want to Fast Track Your Project
Mineral resource projects are inherently complex with many elements to consider. Streamline development →

Mine Ventilation

Wassa Mine System Design
Discover how ventilation studies supported initial growth and long-term goals of this gold mine. Read the case study →

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