Europe   |   November 2019

Mining Regulations

The Changing Climate of Climate Change Regulation
To tackle a global problem, we must speak in the global language – money. But what's the right balance? Get Prepared →

Changes in Russian and Kazakhstani Legislation
Environmental management principles have been interpreted uniquely in these countries. Understand the paradigms →


Exploration Geochemistry

New Role of Surface Geochemistry
Recent advances in analytical technology have put surface geochemistry at the forefront of exploration. Why use it? →

Exploration Targeting

Steps to Reviewing Geophysical Data
An understanding of geophysical data is important to determine whether interpretations are justified. Ask the right questions →

Environmental and Social

Adapting to Sustainable Development Challenges
Environmental, social, and governance risks are materially influencing the value of mineral assets. See the demands →

8 Things Mine Planners Should Know About ESIAs
Environmental and social impact assessments bring together the current project design with specialist studies. What's critical? →
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