North America   |   April 2020

Mining Project Evaluation

Building Mineral Project Value During a Pandemic
What kind of low-cost, high-value activities can help companies build value during the COVID-19 pandemic? Find out →

Mine Automation

Automation in Cave Mining Environments
The increasing automation of mining equipment is the natural evolution of basic tele-remote operation. See the benefits →

Machine Learning and AI for Mining Geoscience
The impact of machine learning on mining is more complex than is widely perceived. Demystify artificial intelligence →


Water Management

Mining in Ontario: Interview with Kristin Pouw
There is an increasing appreciation in the mining industry of water as both a liability and an asset. Explore examples →

Mine Waste Management

Predicting Erosion on Closed Mine Waste Facilities
The effects of erosion on engineered cover materials often pose long-term and costly maintenance challenges. Mitigate costs →

Implications of Dust Speciation on Remediation
Legacy mine sites present unique difficulties when employing long-term remediation strategies. Read the case study →


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