Africa   |   May 2020

Renewable Energy

In-House Renewable Energy Could be a Boon for Mines
While the base supply is still vital to keep mines running, independent power generation holds value. See why →

Environmental Management

Dealing With Climate Change
How big a role should climate change play in the strategic planning of mining companies? Be prepared →

Coal Mine Plans to get Wetlands Flowing Again
Wetlands are very sensitive to water levels, requiring that water percolates through to the surface level. Proposed solution →

Water Supply

Call for Careful Planning of Boreholes by Municipalities
Boreholes can deplete underground aquifers if they are not scientifically planned and executed. Minimize risks →

Mine Waste Management

Rethinking Mine Waste will Bring Unexpected Benefits
South African mines should be rethinking their usual linear approach to managing residues. Discover why →

Industry Experts Come Together on Tailings Dams
Safer TSFs can be achieved when mine owners, contractors, and engineering consultants work closely together. Mitigate risk →


Design of an HDPE-lined Platinum Tailings Facility
Inclusion of a liner in a tailings dam increases the complexity of the design, construction and operation. Read the case study →


Mine Closure

Mines Grapple with Social Transitioning
Several African countries have legal requirements for social closure as part of the closure process. What's critical? →

Mining Risk Assessment

Mining's Social Risk Rises
Disruptive events, like violent community protests, pose risks that can destroy mining projects. Support the solutions →


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