South Africa   |   April 2019

Mineral Resources

"Vogue Mineral" Projects - A Delicate Balancing Act
The potential for minerals used in fast developing battery technology has lit up the eyes of many investors. Mitigate the risks →


The Pursuit of Mining's Future
A strong working relationship between South African government & mining companies is crucial for sustainability. Discover why →


What is Needed to Encourage Exploration in SA?
South Africa's spending on exploration is the lowest among leading mining countries. What can change? →

Water Management

Integration Integral to Sustainability
Water has become a higher sustainability risk as the concept of 'no water, no mining' becomes a reality. Understand the issue →

Industry Insights

What is the Outlook for 2019?
Andrew van Zyl on Mining Indaba and the state of the South African mining industry. Listen to the interview →

SRK Serving All Sectors

SRK has become increasingly involved in focus areas such as water management, environmental and social impact, various aspects of infrastructure development, and energy.
Find out more →

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