North America   |   November 2019


Cut-Off Grade – The Impact Of Getting It Right!
How does cut-off grade support or hinder your achievement of corporate objectives? Maximize value →


The Importance Of Post-Drilling Assessment
In sublevel caving operations, it is imperative that the production blastholes be drilled accurately. Mitigate the risk →

Mine Closure

Is Your Pit Lake a Post-Closure Liability?
Use closure risk estimation methods recognized by the U.S. EPA to assess the potential impact of pit lakes. Find out more →

Mine Ventilation

Electrical Requirements for Ventilation System
This study revealed inefficiencies that, if fixed, could reduce power demand and lower overhead costs. Discover how →

Stakeholder Engagement

When's the Best Time to Involve Stakeholders?
Most mining companies miss out on significant benefits by not consulting stakeholders early enough. Avoid obstacles →


Dry Creek Permafrost Stabilization Thermal Design
We proposed innovative permafrost mitigation methods to improve infrastructure on ice-rich permafrost. See our findings →

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