South America   |   May 2020

Rock Mass Characterization 

Correlations Between Classification Systems?
New relationships are proposed to correlate the Laubscher and the Bieniawski systems, and the Barton and the Hoek systems.
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Hydrogeochemical Tracers

Gas Monitoring of Hydrogeological Systems
Profiles of gases and temperature in waste rock piles revealed the importance of convective air transport in Brazil.
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Civil and Structural Design 

Reliability-Based Design of Anchor-Support Excavation
The support design of this excavation in Argentina employed the Finite Element Method & probabilistic analysis.
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Foundation Engineering

Optimization of a Nuclear Reactor Foundation
Foundations of the reactor buildings were optimized using numerical modeling techniques.
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Geochemical Methodology

Best Techniques to Treat Acid Mine Effluents
See which techniques have streamlined Peruvian mining and environmental legislation compliance.
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