North America   |   July 2019

Mineral Resources

Diamond Grade Forecasts
A treasure trove of diamond size frequency data has become available in the public domain. Utilize the information →

Mine Ventilation

Reduced Airflow at Oyu Tolgoi
Do you have a plan for maintaining safety and production rate during reduced ventilation situations? Read the case study →

Mine Closure

Geochemical Modelling
Modelling a site's geochemistry is often essential in forecasting its long-term impact. Meet regulatory requirements →

Heap Leach

4 Heap Closure Solutions
There are no one-size-fits-all solutions in mine closure, even within the same mine. Discover the options →

Water Management

Hydrogeochemical Tracers in Groundwater
Knowledge of groundwater flow paths, interactions, and travel times is crucial for water management. Trace the results →

Geotechnical Engineering

Soil Liquefaction
Understanding the mechanism of soil liquefactions is a major challenge of the geotechnical community. Learn more →

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