Asia Pacific   |   September 2019

Future of Mining

Mining industry set for a more challenging tomorrow
As the commodity cycle takes another turn, the question remains: is there a new norm in mining? Take a closer look →


Peridot gem exploration in China
How does exploring for coloured gemstones differ from metal or coal? Learn from the Yiqisong Nashan project →


Valuing exploration assets – a way of keeping score?
Relative valuations are an effective tool for exploration ranking and target generation See how it's done →

Mining Methods

Finding the right fit
For suitable mining projects, in-pit crushing and conveying can provide operating savings of 20-60% Expore the potential →


Mapping in a connected world
In a digitally connected world, we can produce accurate digital maps faster and more collaboratively. Start mapping smarter →


Preparing design criteria for dewatered tailings facilities
Do international guidelines effectively address design criteria specific to thickened and filtered tailings? Join the discussion →

Mine Closure

Modelling 1000 years of post-closure landform evolution
Long-term landform erosion simulation can be used to inform tailings facility closure planning. Discover how →

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