North America   |   March 2019

Tailings Management

Frozen Core Tailings Dam: Part 1
Tailings management at the Hope Bay project includes reliance on an innovative frozen core dam. See the results →

Mine Ventilation

Airflow Measurements: Ventilation Surveys
Airflow measurements required in the development of ventilation models differ from general quantity checks. Watch the video →

Risk Management

Managing Mineral Resource Risk
Mineral resource risk management serves as a critical function of business decision making. Challenges of assurance →

Mine Water

Modern Data Management: Large Scale Dewatering
Modern tech allows collection, transmission, & compilation of enormous amounts of data in near-real time. Utilize your data →

Exploration Geology

Old Gold in West African Deformed Terranes
Understanding the controls on “old” gold mineralisation is key to accurately defining exploration targets. Find out why →

Mining Engineering

Waste Liberation: Improving Mill Feed
How can heterogeneity, at different mining scales or batch/lump sizes, be exploited to remove waste as early as possible in the mining-processing chain? Make informed decisions →

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