Asia Pacific   |   November 2018


The Pilbara's Conglomerate Gold
Opportunities and challenges in exploration and sampling of conglomerate-hosted mineralisation. Learn from recent discoveries →


Modelling for Better Resource Estimation
Geological modelling is a powerful tool that helps geologists better investigate and define a mineral system. Find out how →


Improving Assurance for Estimates and Reporting
Learn why improved review and audit processes are crucial to provide stakeholders assurance on the accuracy of reported technical information. Read the case study →

Mineral Valuations

Valuing Exploration Assets: A Way of Keeping Score
But is it fair to keep score when the goalposts keep moving? Explore this question →


Dewatering Options for Fine Gold Tailings
Challenge the perception that tailings dewatering adds uncessecary cost and complexity to mining projects.
Discover alternative methods →

Mine Closure

Source Assessment to Support Closure Design 
Mitigating water quality impacts to downstream receptors is a key aspect of successful mine closure. See how it's done →

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