North America   |   April 2019

Tailings Management

Frozen Core Dam: Long-Term Creep Deformation
This paper compares modeled creep deformation with six years of field performance data. See the results →

Revisit Part 1 →

Water Management

Dynamically Representing Tailings Pool Geometry
Simulating the geometry of a tailings pool for a water balance can be a particularly difficult task. Watch the webinar →


Mass Mining Diamonds
Diamonds have only been mined on an industrial scale for the past 150 years, mainly from open pits. What's the future? →


Finding, Evaluating, & Reporting Mineral Resources
Mineral resources form the foundation of exploration and mining company value. Manage the risks →

Mineral Processing

Exploiting A Natural Phenomenon
Coarse beneficiation offers an opportunity to significantly increase mill feed grade and throughput. Find out how →

Mine Closure

Closure in Mexico: Unearthing Hidden Savings
Continuous planning and innovative strategies are the keys to successful remediation. Anticipate the disruptions →

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