Asia Pacific   |   December 2019


From a mining mindset to regional discovery
Structural mapping and geological data re-interpretation helped locate the next generation of prospective hematite iron ore in Mauritania. Find out how →


Explicit vs implicit geological modelling
What is the origin of the term ‘implicit’ in this context and is there really much that is implicit about ‘implicit’ modelling?
Challenge common misconceptions →

Mineral Reporting

Technical Risk Assessment in Competent Persons Reporting
Learn why effective and transparent resource reporting is crucial to providing a better understanding of geological risks.
View the presentation →

Machine Learning

Integrating a traditional approach with machine learning
Discover how a  modern mineral exploration strategy is combining cutting edge data science with a mineral systems approach.
Read the case study →


Design criteria for dewatered tailings facilities
Explore why prescriptive design elements may not represent the most critical sources of risk for thickened and filtered tailings facilities. Join the conversation →

Mine Closure

Facilitating effective mine closure planning in WA
Early integration of environmental impact and mine closure planning is a key success factor in improving closure outcomes.
Discover why it's important →


Managing spontaneous combustion in coal waste material
Delve into this case study of Leigh Creek Coal Mine's successful management strategy for coal spoil piles.
Learn from best practice →

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