Europe   |   April 2020

Mineral Exploration

Exploration Programs: More Than Just Geology
Running an efficient exploration programme not only requires competent geology but robust field logistics. Stay on track →

Valuing Exploration Assets: A Way of Keeping Score
Relative valuations can be used as effective tools during exploration ranking and target generation. See how →


Mining Data Management

Converting Data into Information into Decisions
Delays in data processing can obscure the important information. Make timely decisions →

Underground Mining

A High-Level Overview of Different Shaft Linings
Shaft linings perform multiple key functions and the selection of type needs careful consideration. Compare applications →

Tailings and Mine Waste

Dam Safety and Operational Reviews
Focus on tailings storage facility safety is increasing, both within the mining industry and by the wider public. Assess risks →

Prioritising Mine Waste Planning In Europe
Putting waste management at the forefront of mine planning is key to safisfying legislation and stakeholders. Think ahead →

Water Impact Assessments

Future-Proofing and Good Governance
Water resources are a critical component of mine environmental and social impact assessment. Address risks →

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