North America   |   May 2020

Mine Planning

Planning for Uncertainty
How can technology optimize mine planning and flexibility over the lifetime of a mine? Embrace innovation →

Data Visualization

What's Hiding in Your Site's DNA?
The Data DNA method can provide a unique impression of your mine site’s history from a single plot. Uncover more →

Mine Ventilation

Battery Electric Vehicle Study
With recent advances in BEV technology, significant mine ventilation savings may be possible. Explore the findings →

Mine Waste Facilities

Water Matters: Final Draindown Modelling
Discover an improved method of predicting the time required to achieve passive water management. Follow the steps →

Permafrost Environments

Stability of Critical Infrastructure
A proactive approach can reduce risks to projects confronted by the unique challenges of permafrost. Find out how →

Underground Rock Mechanics

Ground Support Installation Quality Controls
See how ongoing testing and quality control were instrumental in identifying fatal flaws in this project's ground support. Read the case study →

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