Africa   |   May 2019

Tailings Dams: Learning from Failure

Part 1: Water Security
Key decisions on mining projects cannot be made until the question of water security is resolved. Optimise consumption →


Part 2: Rethinking Safety
In the past few years, there has been renewed interest in making tailings storage facilities safer. Realise the opportunity →


Part 3: Technological Advances
How has technology evolved to understand and address the challenges of tailings dams? Find out →

Environmental Compliance

Marine Infrastructure's Environmental Hurdles
The Oceans Economy Lab focusses on unlocking the economic potential of South Africa's oceans. Successes & challenges →

Climate Change

Where's the Regulatory Detail?
Organizations need more regulatory details to prepare for the proposed Climate Change Bill. Is time running out? →

Serving All Economic Sectors in South Africa

Beginning life in 1974 as geotechnical specialists, SRK Consulting focused largely on the mining sector in its early years; it was not long, however, before it expanded into civil engineering work, water management, environmental and social impact, infrastructure, and energy.  Learn more →

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