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Backyard Composting Update

Seedy Saturdays and Workshops

We will be at several Seedy Saturdays this Spring including compost education workshops at three of them, as well as doing a Compost Education workshop for the Elder College in Courtenay in February.  They are all in BC Canada.  Here's the lineup:
  • February 2nd - Qualicum Beach Seedy Saturday, 10 am to 3:30 pm.  QB details.
  • February 16th - Victoria Seedy Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm.  Victoria details.
  • February 22nd - Elder College Compost Education Workshop in Courtenay BC, 10 am to 12 pm.  EC details.
  • February 23rd - VanDusen Seedy Saturday, Vancouver, 10 am to 4 pm. VanDusen details.
    • February 23rd - Compost workshop at VanDusen Seedy Saturday.
  • March 2 - Courtenay Seedy Saturday, 10 am to 3 pm. Courtenay details.
    • March 2 - Compost workshop at Courtenay Seedy Saturday.
  • March 3 - Nanaimo Seedy Saturday, 10 am to 3 pm.  Nanaimo details.
    • March 3 - Compost workshop at Nanaimo Seedy Saturday.

What's going on

There is such a need for a good backyard composter.  We are continually receiving calls and messages for people who really want to do backyard composting but just don't want to deal with rats and pests.  We are so thrilled that we can offer a solution. 

New warehouse in USA

We have shipped Speedibins to most US States now and have found that it is way faster and cheaper to ship directly from the US.  So we now use a warehouse in Sumas, Washington .  They are just across the border from Overlanders Manufacturing in Abbotsford BC where the Speedibins are fabricated.

Speedibin Deluxe working well

We have been using the Deluxe Speedibin with the hinged lid since the summer and are impressed with how easy it is to manage.  It is more convenient for both adding materials and forking it around.  Since its launch, sales have surpassed the Classic Speedibin.  They are $40 more but we're guessing that in a few years people will have forgotten the $40 but appreciate the hinge every time they make compost.

Would a locking handle be helpful?

Now we are considering making a Speedibin where the handle locks.  It may be useful for people who are concerned about random stuff getting chucked into their bin, particularly for people who have their Speedibin in the front yard.  We haven't had any raccoons get into our bins but we're wondering if the amazingly adaptive city raccoons in Toronto will eventually figure out how to twist the handle and then get off the bin and lift the lid.  We want to proactively outsmart them.  Any thoughts on that?    It would add about $7 to the cost. Send us a note if you think it is a good idea (or just plain silly) at

Do I have to turn my compost?

No!  That is the job or the worms and microbes.  We get asked this a lot.  I have found that if I dig a little hole in my compost pile, dump in all the kitchen stinkies, cover it back up, it never smells and the worms go crazy.  Add a handful of leaves to balance out the high nitrogen kitchen scraps.  If you are getting pockets of ammonia, yes, mix it up a bit.  And add some carbon-rich stuff like leaves.
This is an excellent time of year to gather leaves to mix with your compost.  Our favourite is alder leaves as alders are a nitrogen-fixing tree and the leaves fall when they are still full of nitrogen.  So they are great for mulching your garden too. 

Have something to add?

We see this newsletter as a collaborative process, our backyard composting community, so if you have questions, suggestions or ideas for future editions, get in touch and let's share the wisdom.  For more frequent updates and tips, check out our Facebook page (and 'like' us of course).  And we are always interested in comments or suggestions about your Speedibin.  That's how we learn to make the world's best composter!  We're always available at or 1-888-701-2303. 

There are a couple of places where a testimonial would be super helpful. 
  1. Our online store in the View Products pages.
  2. Google Reviews here.
The most needed at the moment is on our online store.  There are lots of reviews on Facebook already but please 'like' us.  That makes a difference too.  Hugely appreciate your support with all this!
Until next time, happy composting! 

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