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Dear friends,

I hope this letter finds you well and you’re having a wonderful month. With a shiny new season almost upon us, I’m feeling inspired. I love the energy, freshness and motivation that spring brings with it. It’s such a joyful time of year.

Today I’m sharing two things that are brushing away the cobwebs of winter. They’re enabling me to take stock and to prepare for the glorious, open-windowed, floral-bloomed abundance of spring.

Restoring some calm

At this time of year, I love to organise my surroundings. Although I don’t have much stuff, I’m always amazed by how many things I no longer need. Seriously, where does it all come from? I also schedule a little time to declutter my digital life – folders, subscriptions, apps and so on. I enjoy creating space in my mind and in my home.

This year I set myself a goal to buy as little as possible – excluding the things I need, for example, food, toiletries and so on. So far, I’ve bought just one thing – an artist's print. To be honest, I’m feeling quite proud of myself for resisting the relentless pull of consumerism. Being more mindful of what I’m buying is good for the environment, good for my home and even better for my bank balance!

If you’re seeking some spring decluttering tips, here are five blog posts to help you:

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Personal reflection and planning

As a coach, I love reflecting on where I am. This includes celebrating my wins, learning from my mistakes and making sure I’m heading in the right direction. With so many distractions, both on and offline, it’s pretty easy to get derailed! Making the time to reflect and plan helps me to silence the noise and stay on track.

Although I often take stock of where I am, I find the start of a new season is a wonderful time to do this. So, if you’re wishing to focus on what you want and how you’d like to feel over the coming months, here are a few questions / journaling prompts you might like to ask yourself.

What feels good in your life right now? What is bringing you happiness, contentment and joy? What isn’t working or feeling good? Is there anything missing in your life?

What would you like the new season to look and feel like? Do you have any goals or aspirations? Do you have a dream or vision for the season ahead?

How will you move towards your goals and aspirations? What will be your first steps? Is there anything you can do to support your vision and journey? Can you identify any possible milestones along the way?

I completed these questions as part of my morning pages practice last week. I found spending the time on them extremely insightful and it led me to a couple of ideas I hadn’t previously considered.

New coaching slots opened for spring/summer

If you're ready to uncover your path and achieve your big dreams and goals over the coming seasons, then I'd love to hear from you. I can help you get unstuck and find clarity, focus, fulfilment and joy – whatever that looks and feels like for you. And of course, we’ll have a lot of fun along the way!

I look forward to hearing from you and having a chat about the kind of coaching help and support you’re looking for - just hit reply to this email. 

Thank you for reading. I wish you a beautiful and inspiring season ahead. And keep creating!

Until next time,

PS. On the blog, I've shared six of my favourite everyday rituals - simple, mindful pauses that keep me focused and on track when I'm working from home.
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