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International Short Course on Application of Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry to Earth Sciences – September 15-17, 2021

Workshop details: The workshop will start on Sept 15, at 9.00 (CEST, UTC+2) in the Aula Gregori (in the presence,, access from Viale Zefferino Faina, 4 - Perugia). Also, the workshop will be streamed by the Ms Teams platform (please download it). I will provide you the link to access the lecture room in Ms Teams early next week.

Covid-19 rules: To access the lecture room, the European Green Pass is strictly required. Verifications will be performed on QR codes by the VerificaC19 app. Before entering the room, you must sanitize your hands using the gel dispensers at the entrances. Inside the lecture room, you will wear the mask and respect distancing.

Presentation from the attendees: As you probably noticed, on Sept 16, I allocated a couple of hours (i.e., 11-13) for your presentations. I minded this space to start connecting, share your perspectives and your research interests. Please, prepare a 5 min presentation about yourself and your research interests, explaining how the LA-ICP-MS technique is, or could be, useful in your research.

LADR install, advice by Ashley Norris: LADR is Windows only at this stage. A macOS version is working but is still being tested. Head to the web address here and download the latest LADR version ZIP file:

Extract the contents of the ZIP file and run LADR.exe. It will prompt you for a license key. To get one, go to the web address here and register for the evaluation license:

The server will email you a license key to use with the program. The evaluation version is fully featured and all program options are available. The only restriction is that the program will require a daily online activation check to continue to function. For this reason, users will need the internet to run the evaluation copy, however, if a user is unable to access the internet for whatever reason, the software falls back to an almost fully functional version where everything can be done except for computation of the results. If anyone gets stuck on the day then I expect they can experience 99.9% of the functions in the software without it being fully registered.

The download comes with a basic Profile and two test Projects (trace element and U-Pb in zircon) to look at. Most importantly it comes with a detailed manual which contains a "Getting Started" guide.

It is recommended that all workshop attendees download and install LADR ahead of time and read the "Getting Started" chapter of the manual.

HDIP install: I will provide you the installation details soon!

Iolite4 install: A fully functional Iolite 4 demo version (14 days) for Windows and macOS can be downloaded here:

Also, iolite is currently offering students a free ‘Student Licence’ in response to COVID-19:

It is recommended that all workshop attendees download and install Iolite 4 ahead of time.

See you next week!
Maurizio Petrelli

Maurizio Petrelli (Phd)
Department of Physics and Geology
University of Perugia
Piazza Università
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Tel.: +39 075 5852607
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Skype: maurizio.petrelli.perugia

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