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We need your help! Committee members are needed for the 2022 Theme and Slogan committee! We especially need volunteers with strong Spanish language skills. If interested, please contact Luke Kralik at:

Where do CSLP Themes and Slogans Come From?

Over the years we have had some really fun themes and slogans. From “Libraries Rock” to “Catch the Reading Bug”, CSLP slogans can serve as an excellent jumping off point to create a wonderful program for your community. However, have you ever wondered where CSLP themes and slogans come from?

Like everything at CSLP, the themes and slogans are developed by library volunteers from across the country, usually a few years in advance. For a list of upcoming themes and slogans visit:

With the support of the Themes and Slogan committee, the first step happens early in the year, when CSLP State Representatives (often the Youth Consultant at your State Library) gather your suggestions, and submit them to the committee.

The Themes and Slogan committee then organizes the submissions, and eliminates duplicates. With the the theme ideas, this is usually all that needs to be done. With the slogan ideas though, more work needs to happen.

To help ensure that the slogans have wide appeal, “listening sessions” take place in the spring. These sessions follow a “town hall” structure, and are an opportunity for all library staff to weigh in on their favorite suggestions, and to help wordsmith the final results. Keep any eye out for session dates and times from your State Representative, or in upcoming newsletters.

The committee then incorporates the feedback from the listening sessions into the “final” list of slogans. This list is then translated into Spanish by translation professionals, and the translations are reviewed by committee volunteers. After translation, the list is submitted to a law firm to ensure that the potential slogans do not infringe on any existing trademarks.

The list of translated and vetted themes and slogans are then voted on by CSLP State Representative at their Annual Meeting in the fall!

Fun fact: Slogan that are not chosen often end up as chapter headings in the programming manual!

Need a quick worksheet?

This simple worksheet was created in Word with just a few art elements, and a text box. Remember, all member libraries can created any "paper item" with CSLP slogans and artwork without needing any additional permission!

Download it here:

If you create something, and think another library might find it useful, please send a copy of the file to Luke Kralik at He will add it to the online manual for all to use!
What "Tales" did your library have to tell for 2021? What "Possibilities" do you see for your library in 2022? Please send your photos, ideas, and any informative details to Luke Kralik at: I would love to share them in our newsletter.

Looking for some ideas for 2022 to use or share?

What is on the horizon for CSLP?

2022: Theme/Oceanography; Slogan/"Oceans of Possibilities" Artist/Sophie Blackall

2023: Theme/Kindness and Friendship; Slogan/"All Together Now"; Artist/Frank Morrison

2024: Theme/Adventure; Slogan/"Adventure Begins at Your Library"; Artist/Juana Martinez-Neal

2025: Theme/Art; Slogan/TBD; Artist/Brian Floca
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