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Celebrate World Ocean Day in June and all summer long!  

As part of your Oceans of Possibilities programming, consider making a big splash in the month of June, National Ocean Month! Find lots of free resources to use as you wish at CSLP partner Check out the 2022 Event Planning Toolkit for inspiration, take advantage of the social media toolkit with graphics, and find resources specifically for kids, including posters, coloring pages, and collectable creature cards!   

Whatever your plans are, World Ocean Day is here to support you. Fill out this interest form to get more information.

Since launching global coordination of World Ocean Day 20 years ago, The Ocean Project has been working in partnership with aquariums, zoos, museums, youth leaders, and others in a growing global network – including libraries across the country! Together we can engage the public and unite the world to protect and restore our shared ocean and climate. Learn more.
Join us online!
May 9th @11am EDT or May 11th @3pm EDT
CSLP Listening Session - 2025 Slogans
We have multiple version of similar slogan suggestions that need to be refined and blended before we can submit them for trademark vetting and translation.

We encourage CSLP members that have an interst in wordsmithing to join the call and speak as they feel comfortable. During and after the sessions we will have resouces available for you to share your input on a provided google document.

What's next - August CSLP Theme & Slogan Listening Session
We will have another listening session in early August for further discussion on the vetted/translated 2026 theme options and 2025 slogan option to share opinions on your preferences before State Reps vote at the Annual CSLP Meeting!

Contact your CSLP State Rep for Zoom information

Sponsoned by the CSLP Theme/Slogan Committee

Dive into summer reading with Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium’s award-winning virtual literacy programs!

Connect your patrons to our ocean experts and engage their curiosity with science demonstrations and lively animal encounters. These live, two-way, interactive virtual experiences use private, safe, videoconferencing connections. Our award-winning programs are based on the 60+ years of marine research with options for children, teens and adults in 30 or 60 minute lengths.

For children, our SEA Me Read series brings ocean story books to life. After reading together we have a fun, creative learning segment that builds critical thinking skills, promotes oral language skills, STEM engagement, and reading comprehension. Titles include: If a Dolphin Were a Fish, Clumsy Crab, The Daring Discoveries of Eugenie Clark and more.

Our Life Science Series are interactive explorations geared for teens and adults. Using a science game show format, we spark STEM curiosity while making ocean conservation connections. Popular choices include Sharks & Fish, Sea Turtles, and Coral Reefs.

To get up close to our critters, our Manatee Habitat Tour uses portable distance learning technology. Talk to our biologists from our exhibits while learning about these amazing marine mammals. This program is great for all ages.

Discounts are available on virtual field trips booked for any Oceans of Possibilities programming this summer. And if you are located near Sarasota, Florida, we can visit you in person with a customized community outreach program.

For more information, visit:

Mote Marine Laboratory is a world-class, nonprofit, marine research institution located in Sarasota, FL. We are proud to be accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and have met rigorous, professional standards for animal care, wildlife conservation and research, education and more.

Free lesson plans are available on our Flipgrid Discovery Library page:
What "Tales" did your library have to tell for 2021? What "Possibilities" do you see for your library in 2022? Please send your photos, ideas, and any informative details to Luke Kralik at: I would love to share them in our newsletter.

Looking for some ideas for 2022 to use or share?
Public libraries feed hungry bodies as well as hungry minds during the summer – and throughout the year. The CSLP’s Child and Community Well-Being committee encourages library involvement in activities that support wellness, from summer and afterschool meals, to well-being programming, to support for basic needs, all to help children, teens, and communities stay nourished, active, and healthy when school is out. Resources include the Libraries and Summer Food page on the CSLP website; a Facebook group for news, support, and resource-sharing; and an ongoing series of stories showcasing the experiences of libraries around the country.

Libraries Move!

by Kathleen Salkeld

When stuck in a programming rut and attendance and utilization are low, sometimes the answer is a question waiting to be asked. As a public library we often find ourselves asking “How can we better serve our community?” To find the answer, we did what any good librarian would do, research. We scoured ALA and other resource sites, looked at other libraries’ programming, and most importantly, asked our community what they wanted most out of their library, community, or in their personal lives. The top answer was a heart-breaking response- “to spend more time with family”. During discussions about how the library could help fill this need and engage with our community, we came up with a plan. We began developing a program meant to bridge all ages. Being sure to choose a name that can apply to any caregiver, Me and Mini Me was launched.

Each month we lead an activity that ranges from craft projects and trivia, to a host of other activities, each designed to allow caregivers and children to work together. Like all library programs at our branch, we make sure everything is free to remove any financial barrier for attendees. Some months we have had to host up to four sessions and still have a waiting list to accommodate all of those interested.

Some of our favorite nights are trivia nights. We recently played music trivia and offered categories such as 70s, 90s, 2000s, current, and Disney. The groups were singing along and dancing while playing and it was heartwarming to patrons saying they were going to have to play music more regularly. With the exception of a few bags of popcorn, this program was cost free for the library and could be run remotely for all to attend, even those at home.

We have found that creating activities based on discussions with our community leads to greater attendance at our programs. Moreover, it leads to a community that enjoys stronger family bonds and is more connected to one another.

Why Bother with Open-Ended Questions?

by Allison Robinson, CSLP Statistics Committee, Sara Hightower Regional Library, Georgia

Do you react to open-ended survey questions with an exasperated sigh, mutter “why bother?”, and click on through to the next (hopefully multiple-choice) question? You wouldn’t be the only one. In fact, out of 1152 responses to the 2021 CSLP Annual Survey, only 41% shared any response beyond “N/A” or “none” to the prompt “Please share any success stories you have from your 2021 Summer Library Program”. It is hard to believe that over 50% of libraries had no success stories during their summer: no children who discovered a new favorite animal, no adults that read their first novel in fifty years, and no programs that were better attended than anticipated. And so it seems likely that many respondents skipped this question, and other open-ended questions, out of a mistaken belief that their response would not be of value. So what is the point of answering these questions? Why bother, indeed?
Word cloud created from 'success stories' from 2021 Summer Library Programs" with ALT text along the lines of "A word cloud created from responses to the prompt 'Please share any success stories you have from your 2021 Summer Library Program" on the 2021 CSLP Annual Survey. Prominent words include 'summer', 'reading', 'library', 'program', and 'children'.
The first reason to bother is that open-ended survey questions allow researchers to gain insight into why certain trends appear in data. For example, one group of questions from the survey asks if respondents feel that the artwork supported their program. Without the accompanying question “What feedback do you have on the 202x artwork?”, the Artwork Committee might know that the teen artwork from a certain program was widely disliked, but would not know what suggestions to make to future artists, severely limiting their ability to help provide appealing artwork.

For other questions it may not be as easy to see the connection. Small successes may not seem relevant. Those success stories, however, are what make the data come to life. Is it more compelling to know that there were almost 750 thousand attendees at children’s programs in 2021 or to hear about the mother who changed her work schedule so that her children could attend library programs? Is that number more important than learning about the “pandemic baby” who started the summer terrified of people outside her family but by season’s end was excited to visit the library and her new friends. These are real stories from responses to the 2021 survey, and they are what helps donors and policy makers see the value in libraries and summer library programs. Knowing the impact that these programs have on real people is what helps encourage them to bother to support and fund libraries.

This summer, the Annual Survey will be distributed to CSLP member libraries in participating states, so when the time comes, please bother to respond, even to those pesky open-ended questions.

What is on the horizon for CSLP?

2022: Theme/Oceanography; Slogan/"Oceans of Possibilities" Artist/Sophie Blackall

2023: Theme/Kindness and Friendship; Slogan/"All Together Now"; Artist/Frank Morrison

2024: Theme/Adventure; Slogan/"Adventure Begins at Your Library"; Artist/Juana Martinez-Neal

2025: Theme/Art; Slogan/TBD; Artist/Brian Floca
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