Biogeochemical-Argo NEWS Issue#1
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Note from the editors
We are very pleased to launch the first Biogeochemical-Argo Newsletter announcing the publication of the science and implementation plan of the Biogeochemical-Argo program as well as the release of the program web site.

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Hervé Claustre & Ken Johnson,
co-chairs of the Biogeochemical-Argo program
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[ Publications ]

Outlines of the Biogeochemical-Argo program in EOS

Bringing biogeochemistry into the Argo age, Johnson, K. S., and H. Claustre (2016), Eos, 97, doi:10.1029/2016EO062427. Published on 08 November 2016.
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Crew members prepare to launch a biogeochemical profiling float from R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer in the Pacific sector of the Southern Ocean. Credit: Veronica Tamsitt, Scripps Institution of Oceanography .
[ Program life ]

#5 Biogeochemical-Argo workshop

As part of the 17th Argo Data Management Team meeting which has been held on 26-30 September 2016, in Tianjin, China.

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[ Scientific Highlights ]

Featured biogeochemical-Argo article by EOS

Drifting floats reveal nitrate patterns in Mediterranean Sea, Wheeling, K., 2016, Eos, 97, doi:10.1029/2016EO049215-

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[ Scientific Highlights ]

Interview of Ken Johnson in Nature

Massive network of robotic ocean probes gets smart upgrade, Initiatives aim to measure global warming’s impact on high seas and deep currents by Jeff Tollefson, News in Focus, Nature, 531: 421–422. (24 March 2016)
doi: 10.1038/531421a

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Ray Collins/Barcroft Media/Getty
Oceans can be monitored with increasing scope and quality with the use of Argo floats.
[ Scientific Highlights ]

Presentation & highlights on Biogeochemical-Argo In the session on Successes of the current global observing system of the Conference Global Climate Observation: the road to the future

2-4 March 2016, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
“The prospects and rationale for a global biogeochemical-Argo system”
“Argo: past achievements, future risks and opportunities”
by Toshio SUGA (Argo Steering Team)
Presentation in PDF
Presentation in PDF
[ Program Life ]

Meeting in Villefranche sur mer to design the Science and Implementation plan of the Biogeochemical-Argo network

”Planning a global Biogeochemical-Argo network”, Villefranche sur mer, January 11-13, 2016

Twenty-four scientists from Australia, Canada, China, Japan, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States met in Villefranche for 3 days to formalize the planning of a global Biogeochemical-Argo network that you can find here.
Download the "Biogeochemical-Argo Science & Implementation Plan"
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