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March 2017

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Years 7 - 13 Catholic Champagnat Marist School for Boys


Dear Parents and Boys 

One of the persistent cries of any family and school, is the need for a boy to become better organized in his own life.

It is almost a given, that boys will have more things/events on, than the time available to do everything well. 

Unless boys are organized, they find themselves overloaded with assignments, sporting commitments and family events. 

Then the problems start. 
- Sleeping in because they want to   avoid situations
- Complaining about the work load 
- Blaming others, the weather,         traffic etc.
- Missing team events
- Over eating 
And many more

Parents have a role in ensuring their sons have an organized approach to daily life. 

Some suggestions: 
1. Sit down with him and discuss about the upcoming weeks' events - in detail. Have your son write down (or input into his chrome book) what needs to be organized each day

2. The day before – Plan – Gear is out and in the bag the day before; Assignments due on the Friday are done the day before. etc.
Payments of some event due on a certain day are paid the day before.

3. Travel in Auckland takes time. Allow for the stated bus time and then add 30 minutes. 

4. Check on his organization constantly. E.g. the bag taken off his back and put in a certain place when he gets home.

5. Let your son take the consequences for his disorganization e.g. didn’t take his lunch (-no money, to be given) – go hungry. 

" Teaching boys to be organized is not for the faint-hearted....."

6. Name his gear, his clothing, his books. It is a sign of respect for one’s self.

7. Have his Chrome book opening screen come up with his photo and name.
Have the Chrome book charged the day before.

Teaching boys to be organized is not for the faint-hearted.

The results are will be seen long term, and will be worthwhile in growing boys into men.


1. Congratulations on an excellent turn out of parents for the school interviews this week.

The school staff feel very supported by your presence. 

2. A very good Grandparents Morning and Open Day

Thank you for your support in these two events. 

In His Peace

K. F. Fouhy
Thank you to the parents that attended and your support for your son's education! 
It has been a great pleasure for teachers to meet you and discuss the progress report for your son.
Here is a quick update on the stats on the turnout at each year level.

Year Level Percentage Turnout
7 86%
8 88%
9 87%
10 83%
11 89%
12 66%
13 80%

Congratulations to parents of year 11 students for setting the bar high.

The aim is to achieve 100% turnout for each year level, for the conference in Term 2.

Mr. Mukesh Prasad
Curriculum Leader
Attendance at school is remarkably important to your son’s learning, confidence and sense of belonging at a school. We value the partnership we have with you in helping your son to reach their full potential.

100% attendance is the school expectation.

If your son will be away for any reason, please call the school (09) 376 1287  and press 1 to leave a clear message on the Attendance line. His attendance for the day will be recorded.

With the cancellation of the South Auckland School bus students will need to catch Public Transportation to get to and from school. It is very important that we are on time to school everyday.
Please talk to your son(s) about their travel arrangements and have them be more proactive to making sure they get to school on time.  

Mr. Matt Toua
Dean of Student Welfare & Attendance


Our college choir, P.O.E.T. (Paolo One Eight Three) represented St. Paul's well, performing on the Fiji stage last Sunday at the Pasifika Festival 25 year celebration event.

Thank you to the young men who sang at the event. A special thank you to their families and students who turned up to support our Choir. 

Our young men presented themselves well through their behaviour, attitudes and appearance.

It was also good to receive positive feedback from the wider community about our young men at this event. The choir will now be working hard towards The Big Sing at the Auckland Town Hall in June. 

Thank you.

Mr Glenn Stanbridge
Director of Music

Pictured above: Mr. Fouhy, Sione Ngahe (Yr 13), Sione Pole (Former SPL Headboy), Kailala Rass (Yr 13), Joe Moeono-Kolio.

What do you know about Climate Change?
Caritas Aotearoa sent two young men to speak about the effects on the ever growing issue of Climate Change especially in the Pacific. Speakers Joe Moeono-Kolio and Former St Paul's College Head Boy Sione Pole spoke about the growing epidemic and ways to be more aware of it.

The question was presented to our students as to 'What are you going to do about it?'.

This was a very enlightening experience for our young men and what the future will hold for them if they or others do not look after it.
It's been a mixed bag of results for Jacob Smith and his team, the standards of the competition have lifted this year and whilst Dr. Tamanam's team have prepared well, they will no doubt look to improve in term 4. Year 10 Siupeli Aho has made an impressive debut season, Year 9 Daniel Smith continues in the footsteps of his older brothers (and father) as a very talented St Paul's cricketer. Keneti Rowe-Kurene has proved himself the most improved player, converting his skills on the softball diamond to the cricket pitch. We would like to acknowledge and thank the parents and supporters of the 1st XI - a team well supported every Saturday from committed St Paul's families.

Kobe Flavell and the Senior touch team finished their CZ competition un-defeated, putting them into the championship tournament at Avondale racecourse recently. With consistent performances from Year 11 students Sione Moala, Luke Kelemete, Levi Atiga and Willie Tuaine - we should be competing with the best for many years to come.

Alex Savusa & Keneti Rowe's senior softball team have gone from strength to strength in 2017 with many convincing victories as they wind down their season. Year 11 students, Dante Po-ching Enua and Joseph Johnston have made great contributions to the team, as has pitcher Alex Savusa and the experienced Keneti Rowe-Kurene.

RUGBY 10's 
New & old members of the 1st XV played at the Blues 10's tournament at North Harbour stadium on the weekend. With many players new to the code, the fundamentals of Union are still coming to many of our 2017 1st XV. I commend these students for putting themselves outside their comfort zone, competing against traditional union schools with many years of experience. Keep an eye on Year 13 Kiu Muller who has worked hard off the field to improve his on field performances in 2017 for Rugby Union and league. Kiu's recent yoyo test scores show that he has been doing the extras in his own time - absolutely necessary if we are to chase excellence in our sport teams. Keep up the good work Kiu!

Our school-wide fitness testing is well under way with over 100 boys already having completed the yoyo test. By term 2, our school average yoyo score will be at an excellent standard. We've seen elite age group scores and a school record of 18.3 recently set by Year 11, Levi Atiga. Not to be out-done, Theodore Maui and Billy Tu'uta are chasing Levi's score with impressive 18.2's.
Raising our levels of fitness will not improve our results in sport, but also contribute to improved results in the classroom, as energy levels increase, so does the ability to learn and retain information. I am confident a St Paul's student will equal Richie McCaw's yoyo score of 19 over the coming months (!)

2017 is shaping up to be an eventful year for our Year 7/8 sport teams. We have recently aligned with Western Springs football club and coaching lessons are well under way for our most promising soccer players and students interested in giving it a go. With 2 new goals parked up on the field, we look forward to seeing our training efforts transfer into results with fixtures already being lined up with Marcellin, Liston, Dilworth and more. 
Sporting Registration Forms signed by parents due

Mr. Dave McDermott
Director of Sport

We are all passionate about St Paul's sport and it would be great to see more St Paul's families involved with our sport teams.

From coaching or filling up water bottles, to assisting with transport, umpiring and scoring - there are plenty of jobs that need filling.

What better way to enjoy the season than being part of our team.

If you'd like to be involved in St Paul's sport for the 2017 season - please contact Mr. Dave McDermott:

We look forward to having you on board.

- Students X 2 Middlemore Hospital
- 100% pass rate for Learner Licence and Restricted Licence
- Downer NZ  X 2 students with Major Projects and Watercare (Pictured Below)
- Education Today Magazine & Learning Auckland - Student Editorial Group X 7 (pictured   below)
Pictured above left: Kailala Rass, Right: Arthur Fraser students with Major Projects and Watercare
Pictured above Left to Right: Education Today Student Editorial Group Johanas Smith (Yr 8 ), Adam Teau (Yr 11 ), Jaelin Murray (Yr 12), Saints Tuitama (Yr 8), Geoff Vause (Editor), Shepherd Vili (Yr 12), Cornelius Aupito (Yr 9 ). Absent: Feinga Taufa


Massey University
-  2017 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Champions Academy on   Thursday 20 & Friday 21 April, 2017.  Registrations close on Thursday 13 April,           2017.   

 - Speech and Language Therapy - Campus Experience Day on Thursday 11 May 2017,        9.30am to 2.30pm 

- Aganu’u: My Cultural Space targeting years 12 & 13 Pasifika students on Tuesday 9 May     2017, 9am to 2.30pm – can register online here or contact Mrs Brayshaw.

- Create1World 2017, for more information click here. Entries close on Tuesday 2 May,         2017 

Auckland University - Courses and Careers Open Day 2017
Your students might know exactly what they want to pursue academically – or perhaps they’re yet to make up their minds. Either way, our open day is a great chance to find out what it’s like to study here. Students and parents can attend lectures, talk with our staff and current students, explore our City Campus and experience the social side of the University of Auckland. 

Courses and Careers Open Day 2017 will be held on Saturday 2 September. The full programme will be available online and in print in July.

NIU (Nurture, Information, University-an initiative) Experience links successful University Pacific students with Pacific secondary school pupils in a programme that includes academic guidance, and group workshops that focus on topics such as cultural identity and resilience.
This programme helps students transition from secondary school into university by assisting with online applications, to having a mini lecture and meeting key support staff from each faculty. Through a combination of academic guidance and transitional workshops, NIU aims to encourage academic achievement, raise aspirations and enhance self-confidence.

Visit GivMe for Scholarship information by clicking on the link.

For more information on any of the above please contact Mrs. Brayshaw:


This year has seen the return of the College’s Samoan and Tongan groups to the Polyfest stages after taking a break last year. Our return to Polyfest also marked the beginning of a new era in the way the College approaches Polyfest. No longer is it an event controlled and directed by the teachers, the leadership and direction has been passed on to the wider St Paul’s family.

In previous years we have restricted ourselves to practising only on school grounds, but under the new parental leadership we saw practices happening in different schools, churches and halls around the communities our students live. New ideas were shared and new voices were heard – for St Paul’s College in 2017, Polyfest brought families together to form a close knit community supporting our students in their endeavours.

Our students showed commitment, dedication, courage and enthusiasm and with the love and support of their families and community came away from Polyfest with great success. There will be a strategic debrief on the event in Term 2.


  Pictured above: the Samoan Group performing                                                              Photo credit: James Cullen

Pictured above: Christian Tuipolotu (Yr 12), Sione Ngahe (Yr 13), Solomon Tatu (Yr 12) perform in the Tongan Group. Photo credit: James Cullen

Pictured above: AJ Tuipea (Yr 11) conducting the Samoan Group with flair                  Photo credit: James Cullen

Pictured above:The Tongan Group perform.                                                                          Photo credit: Penina Joy
Tongan Group 
The Tongan Stage is one largest stages at Polyfest with over 60 schools competing. Our group entered the Kailao and the Taufakaniua. Under our new tutors, Semisi Havili, Feleti Tatafu and Sione Tatafu, we came away with very good results in the two dances we entered:
2nd in the Kailao
3rd in the Taufakaniua

Samoan Group
This was the youngest Samoan Group we have ever entered into Polyfest, with only 11 senior students. It turned out to be one of the most successful! Click on the link to watch a snippet of the energetic performance and Saint's Tuitama (Yr 8) in action!

Samoan Group Results
2nd for entrance(ulufale) 
2nd equal for exit (ulufafo)
3rd for uniform (toniga)
2nd equal for faataupati(slap dance)
2nd for Sasa 
2nd equal fuataimi (conductor)  AJ Tuipea, Year 11. 
1st in Pese o le Aso 
3rd in Manaia -  Lewis Sio, Year 13
1st equal in Taualuga

Congratulations to all involved! 

ID cards are available from the College Office, to families whose school fees for Term 1 are paid and are up to date. 

The ID card is not sold as a separate item. 

The ID card cost is included in the paid school fees contributions for 2017.

If lost, replacement cards are $20.

The St Paul's College Second Hand Uniform Shop can use some help with two things: 
  • Parents who can help out for ONLY ONE HOUR A TERM.
  • Donation of quality cleaned uniform items
Quality clean uniform items can be dropped off at school reception and placed in the plastic bin labeled “Second hand uniform donations

All proceeds from your donated item goes to supporting the school and helping out other students and families. 

Please email me if you can help out in any way at all. All enquiries about the shop can be directed to Angela Calvert:
Monday 3rd  April Year 11-13 P 1-6 First Aid course Library and Gym
Monday 3rd  April Softball 4pm -6 pm
Tuesday 4th April Year 11-13 P 1-6 First Aid course Library and Gym
Wednesday 5th April Year 12 Field Trip, Tongariro
Wednesday 5th April House Activities Period 5 & 6  
Thursday 6th April Meeting of 1st XV Parents 7pm in Staffroom.
Thursday 6th April Lunchtime Mass Seniors
Thursday 13th April  HOLY THURSDAY (Chapel Assembly)
Thursday 13th April  Academy Basic Leadership- Details TBC
Thursday 13th April  St Vinnies Homelessness Overnight Retreat
Thursday 13th April  Last day of Term 1. Ends at 3.20pm
Friday 14th April GOOD FRIDAY
Saturday 15th April HOLY SATURDAY
Sunday 16th April EASTER SUNDAY
Monday 17th April EASTER MONDAY
Tuesday 25th April Anzac Day
Friday 28th April Feast of St Peter Chanel
Monday 1st May  First Day of Term 2 for Year 7 -13. (8.40am start)   
"We are not the sum of our weaknesses and failures.
We are the sum of the Father's love for us" 

St. John Paul II
DAYS: Monday - Friday
TIME: 7.45 am - 8.30 am

VENUE: The Science Room (R17)
  • It’s Free
  • It’s filling and nutritious
  • It will give you a great start and help you concentrate for the day            
  • Now includes fruit kindly donated by Countdown
  • Run by Senior Prefects
Any Questions- Contact the Nurse 09 376 1278 (ext 225)
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