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April 2017

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Years 7 - 13 Catholic Champagnat Marist School for Boys

Dear Parents and Boys 

Most parents worry about how their sons will turn out in life. 

The cute two year old boy turns into a stroppy adolescent young man who is making his own decisions about his future! 

From my perspective of educating young men - they will all turn out well and parents will be justifiably proud of their boys. 

However, there are some provisios. 

1) They attend school every day Year 7 - Year 13. 

2) They play a sport for their school community. 

3) They never experiment with drugs. 

4) Their parents are involved in their son's education.

I could almost guarantee personal, academic and life success for your son, if these four conditions are followed.

These conditions cover the four areas of life.  
- Academic Resilience.
- Teamwork and community (Sport)
- Barriers ( No drugs)
- Example and encouragement (Parental involvement)

So what is the St Paul's graduate? 

How would we describe him?

1) A Man of Courage: faces issues head on, speaks out about injustice, always completes his tasks.

2) A Man of Hope: Life is always better tomorrow. Never wallows in failures or past mistakes. 

3) A Man of Service: He has learnt that life is about giving back to his community, his family, his school. Life is about the other guy - not himself. 

4) A Man who is Authentic: He has taken on board the Marist Pillars - simplicity, love of work, being present, saying yes to others and a builder of community.

"From my perspective of educating young men - they will all turn out well and parents will be justifiably proud of their boys."

5) A Man who knows that Life comes from God and eventually must return to Him. Gratitude and daily prayer. 

6) A Man who has to gain Academic credentials to be equal with others in NZ and the world, in his chosen career. 

7) A man who understands Teamwork and Community: makes sensible personal decisions and is not swayed by populism or the fad of the moment.

Parents should always worry about their sons. That's your job.

But parents, always insist on the bigger picture of life and the four conditions above.  

St Paul's College has many excellent young men who exemplify these characteristics. 

May you have a blessed Easter Holiday break.  

Show your son by example, the Easter rituals and traditions.

If we forget our Judaic Christian traditions then we have forgotten the big picture. 

See you all on Monday 1st May 8.30am.

Another excellent fortnight!

In His Peace

K. F. Fouhy
I often get asked by parents how they can support their child's learning at home. The answer is always the same -  encourage your son to read! 

In order to improve reading a child needs to read for 20 minutes at least 3 times a week. A task that is easier said than done. Outlined below are some basic reading tips from staff at The Ministry of Education to encourage reading at home:

- Turn reading into quality time. Sitting with your son three times a week and getting them to read to you shifts the focus from reading for learning to quality time spent with a parent. 
- Allow your son to make mistakes when reading out loud. As a parent you want to help your son read and say the words correctly. The reality is this can cause embarrassment, can break the flow of the reading and ultimately turn quality time into a chore, increasing the anxiety the child.  So pick your moments to correct carefully or even save these points until the end of the story. 

- Read together. Have turns reading a chapter each. This not only remodels confidence in reading but also improves a child's listening skills as they need to focus what is happen in the story. 

- Make reading accessible. Have books, comics, newspapers at home for your son to read. Join a library as a family. Choose books for birthdays. 
- Slowly increase the length and difficulty of the books being read. This will improve reading and increase the anticipation between reading sessions.

Have a safe Easter break and a great holiday! 

Mrs. Raechelle Taulu
Deputy Head (Curriculum)

They fought to rebuild their fallen nation,
The peace from war is their own creation,

their blood, sweat and tears that had watered the land,
echoed through history, and is still felt through the sand,

At war they fell, now at peace they shall lay,
Their names on a marble wall, is where they are remembered every day.

- Shepherd Vili (Yr 12)

Pictured above: Rixon David (Year 10)
Earlier this year 6 young men from St Paul's represented their school in the central audition of Word the Frontline: Youth Poetry Slam. At this event they showcased poetry, written by themselves, to an audience of their peers from 17 other schools that competed for a place in the competition.

While they were unfortunately not placed in the competition, the talent shown in their work can only grow over the years with help of Ms Haybittle and Matua Rewa. 


Photo Credit: Br. Colin Divane

Photo credit: Savory Construction

Photo credit: Savory Construction


St Paul's student (Selevasio Tu'ima Year 10) performed at half time at the Sunday Warriors Game at Mt Smart stadium on 9th April Sunday in front of a crowd of approx. 15,000.

Well done Selevasio!  

Fr. Tom O'Connor as our new Chaplain for this year.

He is a Marist priest, who celebrates Mass every alternate Thursday in our school Chapel for both Seniors as well as Juniors.

Photo credit: Ms Brenda Haybittle


At the start of day one, I could see and feel the brotherly St Paul’s bond that shared throughout the whole group. This was what made me, and a number of boys want to come from the start to the end. I remember the first practice, we had received a sheet of paper with our Taualuga song, that brotherhood that was spread, was making me go home and practice the pese. Without a doubt, day two of practice was much easier because of the faith that we had in each other to go balance out the time of school and the group, and know the pese by tomorrow.
Getting there on the bus, walking through all the stages to get to the Samoan stage, with a mind set it was time, and a body shaking like a snake. I can say, for myself, I always get nervous and want to go toilet, but it was different this time.

 I was so pumped to represent my Heavenly Father, family ,culture and school. We were getting ready, putting on the ‘ie faitaga made me realized who I’m doing it for. Suddenly we were on, I felt like a soldier walking on realizing I've been in a place where legends like Stacy, Bunty and others have been. But finally the first move we did was making me pumped bang! I blinked and it was over leaving all we got on that stage, coming off with no regrets, I was so happy of us and the tutors. 

Even up till now, I feel the happiness of our win, but not only that I feel, that as a group we have the strongest bond that no one can break. I would like to thank parents for all that you have done, the tutors for the time you gave up, and the school for giving us the yes. I would describe the journey in one way - “we walk by faith not by sight”

Thank you God bless.

- Saints Tuitama (Year 8)

This year’s Senior Softball team has played a great season that they should be very proud of. Comprised mostly of players that were new to the game, the way they adapted and transformed into real ball-players is truly astonishing.

With a record of six wins, and two losses, the team shows great potential in the sport, and with further guidance from Coaches Martin Willetts, and Luke Johnston there is no doubt that this team can go a long way.

Special mentions go to Mr To’ua our manager, for always making sure our uniforms were clean and game-prepped. In the final year of his “St Paul’s Softball Journey” Keneti Rowe Kurene captained the team well and contributed in every way possible. The team was also led well by Alex Savusa and Joseph Johnston.
Senior player Dante PoChing helped to gift his knowledge of the game to new players. Important contributions from the team’s younger players such as Ruben Fruean, Orlando Lima, and Dominique Simon showed that St Paul’s has a promising future in Softball, and that the foundations set by this year’s team have paved the way for success in future years.

- Joseph Johnston (Year 11). Vice Captain

We are all passionate about St Paul's sport and it would be great to see more St Paul's families involved with our sport teams.

From coaching or filling up water bottles, to assisting with transport, umpiring and scoring - there are plenty of jobs that need filling.

What better way to enjoy the season than being part of our team.

If you'd like to be involved in St Paul's sport for the 2017 season - please contact Mr. Dave McDermott:

We look forward to having you on board.

Massey University

- Speech and Language Therapy - Campus Experience Day on Thursday 11 May 2017, 9.30am to 2.30pm 

- Aganu’u: My Cultural Space targeting years 12 & 13 Pasifika students on Tuesday 9th May 2017, 9am to 2.30pm – can register online here or contact Mrs Brayshaw.

- Create1World 2017, for more information click here. Entries close on Tuesday 2 May, 2017 

Auckland University - Courses and Careers Open Day 2017
Your students might know exactly what they want to pursue academically – or perhaps they’re yet to make up their minds. Either way, our open day is a great chance to find out what it’s like to study here. Students and parents can attend lectures, talk with our staff and current students, explore our City Campus and experience the social side of the University of Auckland. 

Courses and Careers Open Day 2017 will be held on Saturday 2 September. The full programme will be available online and in print in July.

NIU (Nurture, Information, University-an initiative) Experience links successful University Pacific students with Pacific secondary school pupils in a programme that includes academic guidance, and group workshops that focus on topics such as cultural identity and resilience.
This programme helps students transition from secondary school into university by assisting with online applications, to having a mini lecture and meeting key support staff from each faculty. Through a combination of academic guidance and transitional workshops, NIU aims to encourage academic achievement, raise aspirations and enhance self-confidence.

Visit GivMe for Scholarship information by clicking on the link.

For more information on any of the above please contact Mrs. Brayshaw:

ID cards are available from the College Office, to families whose school fees for Term 1 are paid and are up to date. 

The ID card is not sold as a separate item. 

The ID card cost is included in the paid school fees contributions for 2017.

If lost, replacement cards are $20.

Pictured above: Dominic Calvert-Smith (Yr 7) with the Bunnings Activities Organiser Anita Aiken


Thank you to all parents and supporters of the first fundraising sausage sizzle of 2017 outside Countdown Richmond Road!

Big thanks to the donor of the BBQ from Bunnings which has been gifted to the school, Richmond Road Countdown for bread donation, John Ropati for donating the sausages for the bbq, Donna PoChing for tomato sauce and onions and the team on the day who gave up their Sunday to sizzle the day away.

A great effort and show of teamwork!! 

- Ms Angela Calvert

The St Paul's College Second Hand Uniform Shop can use some help with two things: 
  • Parents who can help out for ONLY ONE HOUR A TERM.
  • Donation of quality cleaned uniform items
Quality clean uniform items can be dropped off at school reception and placed in the plastic bin labeled “Second hand uniform donations

All proceeds from your donated item goes to supporting the school and helping out other students and families. 

Please email me if you can help out in any way at all. All enquiries about the shop can be directed to Angela Calvert:
Monday 1st May  First Day of Term 2 for Year 7 -13. (8.30am start)
Wednesday 3rd May Rugby League 4pm
Saturday 6th may 1st XV Rugby Union
Monday 8th May Year 12 Geo Field Trip Waihi
Tuesday 9th May Polyfest debrief College Staffroom at 7pm
Wednesday 10th May Rugby League 4pm
Saturday 13th May 1st XV Rugby Union
Tuesday 16th May Year 10 Business Trip TBC
Wednesday 17th May – Thursday 18th May Readers & Writers Festival (details TBC)
Wednesday 17th May College Rugby League
Saturday 20th May 1st XV Rugby Union
We adore Thee, O Christ, and we bless Thee;
Because by Thy holy cross,
Thou hast redeemed the world. 

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