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Volunteers Answering the Call

Anyone who has ever come to the farm, most likely has heard our rooster Goliath crowing.  Just around 6:30 a.m., before anyone arrives at the farm, Goliath is out of his coop letting all the other animals know that a new dawn has arrived.  Given the signal, all the other animals know that the coast is clear of predators, and they can begin foraging for breakfast.  

According to numerous studies, roosters don’t necessarily need the light at dawn to know when to crow. It is their internal circadian rhythm that triggers them to start making their usual noise in the morning.  Goliath’s innate predictability and steadfastness of doing what he was created to do, along with a sure confidence, is just one of the many fascinating natural occurrences that we get to witness on our farm.  
Given the diversity found in our world, it simple to see that both humans and animals have been created with a purpose. Whether it be in our careers, private lives, personal choices, hopes and dreams, we all know that we are created to play a role specifically meant for us.  In addition, we are not autonomous creatures but need to depend on each other and work together to be truly effective on a larger scale.  

On July 3rd, we celebrated all the many wonderful volunteers who play a vital role in making our farm a success.  Everyday of the week, you will find people of all ages, working with one another and the animals, fulfilling a purpose much larger than themselves.  We are so grateful they chose Allaire Community Farm to be the place they come to volunteer in a role specifically meant for them. And like our rooster Goliath, who resets his circadian rhythm every day according to the sun's cycle, they too return faithfully to our farm,  fully dedicated to our mission. 

Faces Found on the Farm

Faces Found on the the Farm is a monthly feature that introduces some of the wonderful people who can be found around Allaire Community Farm on any given day.

This month we feature our awesome Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor Nancy Forsyth.

Nancy joined us early on at Allaire Community Farm and has been instrumental in developing our riding program that specifically targets our mission.  She has established the Adaptive Riding Program and Carriage Driving Programs including the Veteran Carriage Program for our farm.  As an artist, former elementary school art teacher, and avid horsewoman, she has a gift for teaching and instructing. She holds PATH Intl. CTRI Certifications in both Adaptive Horseback Riding and Adaptive Carriage Driving, and has instructed Adaptive riding in New York as well as New Jersey. Nancy has mentored several candidates who have earned PATH certifications, started several new PATH Intl Centers and continues to participate in fundraising and community outreach.  

Explain what you do at the farm
I am a PATH Intl CTRI Certified Riding and Carriage Driving Instructor, in charge of the farm's Adaptive Equine Programs and EAAT, (Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies). The programs include all ages/challenges  along with our Veteran's Program.

How long have you been coming to the farm?
I have been with Allaire Community Farm since 2016, starting programs at our first site 

How many days a week do you typically visit the farm?

Do you have a favorite animal on the farm and why?
Of course, my favorite animals are our wonderful equines that participate in our programs and are such a draw to families that enjoy their beauty. Visitors find tranquility and open space removed from urban living here at Allaire Community Farm.

What are some hobbies you like to do when you are not on the farm? 
Taking my Chocolate Lab, Selkie, to the beach or for Therapy Dog visits to our library so children can read to her. I enjoy kayaking and swimming but mostly I enjoy my horses at the farm and working with them.

Favorite Way to See the Farm Hayride or Barrel Train?

Thank you Nancy for the quality and enjoyment you bring to our horse program!

Veteran Carriage Driving
Compared to most of the public, it is more difficult for those who have served in our military to remain relaxed in the present moment and establish meaningful connections with other people. In many cases, this is associated with post-traumatic stress disorder. Additionally, when serving in the military, there is a constant demand for individuals to be acutely aware of their surroundings due to the perilous conditions they face each day. Upon returning to civilian life, many veterans struggle to reintegrate into society because of their hyper-vigilant state. The ability to develop relationships with civilians can be challenging, sometimes leading to a feeling of isolation even after returning home to friends and family.

To promote a sense of healing and calm, as well as a sense of understanding, Allaire Community Farm offers a Veteran’s Carriage Driving program.  Our staff, volunteers, and horses provide a quiet place for veterans to learn how to carriage ride in a natural, stress-free, peaceful setting.  Horses love to feel safe and comfortable with others in their herd. They in return provide a calming effect to their riders.  Awesome Joe, one of the horses in our therapeutic riding program is known for his good nature, patience and willingness to interact with his rider. So much so that he has been nominated as a Path Intl Region 2 Therapy Horse of the Year! 

If you are a veteran or know of a veteran that can benefit from this program, please contact Nancy Forsyth at (732) 600-4127 to learn more.  Through a grant and private donations, Allaire Community Farm is able to offer this program at minimal cost to veterans who qualify.  
Volunteer opportunities also exist veterans. Allaire Community Farm  volunteers demonstrate a commitment to serving the community, teamwork, and leadership.  It is for these reasons that we have found that veterans make great volunteers!  If you are interested in volunteering, applications can be filled out online.  Skilled trade volunteers are especially needed.
Sponsorships Now Available
When you support Allaire Community Farm, you are supporting our mission, our programs, and the community at large. As a non-profit we are continually seeking sponsors for our year round programs and  events.  In addition, we are always looking for partners who share our interest in helping individuals with special needs, teens with mental health issues, veterans with PTSD.  

Our Annual Hoedown Fundraiser is quickly approaching and sponsorships are filling up fast! Get your chance to be featured as one of our sponsors and community partners. Sponsorships start at $500.

Contact Brianna for more details on Hoedown sponsor levels as well as additional sponorship opportunities 
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