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REYMA Reotix

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Reyma Reotix part in
XXXIII FICEM 2016 Technical Congress
TECHNICAL PRESENTATION: Application of SOL-GEL technology for reduced shutdown and startup times.
icon-check CARTAGENA (Colombia)                         
icon-check VISIT US AT STAND 36
icon-check From 5 to 7 SEPTEMBER
8th International Congress and
Exhibition Aluminium (México)
 And in August we will participate in the 8th International Congress of Aluminum, in which we will offer a technical presentation about SOL- GEL Technology , exclusive of REYMA - Reotix Refractory Solutions.
From  10 to 13 August in Querétaro (Mexico)   icon-arrow
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           SOL-GEL Technology refractory concretes applied by GUNTIX® HP system

The standards in refractory technology use aluminate cements (calcium aluminate) as the particle-binding agent in the mixture. Additives are used to improve rheology and reduce the amount of water needed. SOL-GEL refractory products , developed by REYMA , use colloidal suspension to bond the particles instead of cement. By using feathering techniques, the SOL-GEL refractory concrete exhibits good mechanical properties in green but, most importantly, no water is used in the mix. The chemical-ceramic bonding that binds the particles is much less heat sensitive and allows a quicker dry-out. Surfaces have less tendency to spall and are more resistant to mechanical wear. Dry-out can be completed in shorter times, up to half of the usual time. 

Furthermore, Reyma has developed a new application system of high pressure gunning called GUNTIX®HP which starts from regular gunning system adding some modifications that improve the performance of concretes as well as reducing the rebound. These modifications consist of adding a high-pressure water pump (20 bar) and a special and innovative nozzle providing a better homogenization of the mix.

The combination of the advantages of these two technologies (SOL-GEL and GUNTIX HP) allows us to achieve a very fast application and a very quick dry-out as well as an excellent performance of the applied materials.
In order to obtain concretes that allow an easy dry-out, without CaO, the aluminous binder is replaced by colloidal suspensions (soles) that are forced to harden or to flocculate by forming gel additives. The formed gels acquire three-dimensional structures or networks, giving the precise mechanical resistance so that the refractory concrete or mass acquires its properties once applied.

The SOL-GEL bonding technology incorporates micrometric particles, introduces suitable deflocculates that guarantee the perfect dispersion of particles and a special granulate adapted to a thixotropic behaviour. It incorporates electrolytes that contribute to a spherical and electrostatic stabilization of the used colloidal dispersions.

Therefore a chemical – ceramic bonding less sensitive to the heating-up speed is formed, along with a three-dimensional more flexible network and resulting in higher refractoriness. The colloidal suspensions allow the use of practically all the usual raw materials in the field of the refractory products (tabular alumina, corundum, bauxite, mullite, andalusite, fireclay, silica, etc). 
ADVANTAGES OF SOL-GEL TECHNOLOGY                                   
- Dry out and heating up time reduced. Installation quicker.
- No risk of spallings.
- Low sinterization temperature.
- High resistance against chemical attack.
- High mechanical resistance.
- Better resistance against thermal shock.
- Longer storage time.
- Easy application.
- Bonding liquid with refractory character.                 
The SOL-GEL technology materials are recommended for applications where there is no time for a controlled dry-out or warm-up. And also for areas subject to severe thermal shocks or where the heat-up or dry-out has been carried out at temperatures below those which the installation will usually work at. 
GUNTIX®HP system was developed from the need of a quick and flexible installation system for high performance materials. Starting from the traditional gunning systems (dry-way gunning and wet-way projecting), and combining the advantages of both of them, we developed the GUNTIX®HP system.

Therefore one step further, combining all the advantages and characteristics of our SOL-GEL Technology materials with the GUNTIX HP gunning system, is achieved, improving the performance of our materials.
MAIN ADVANTAGES OF GUNTIX®HP SYSTEM                                                 
- Quick and easy installation with reduced application costs.
- Great application flexibility. Suitable for small and large areas.
- Ability to pause and resume work.
- Almost no dust is generated.
- Rebound below 10%.
- Improved cost in terms of material consumption.
- Less porosity and better properties of the applied concrete.
- Longer lifetime of the refractory lining.
- Profitability of the refractory material costs.
- Versatility in the application.
- Wide range of GUNTIX refractory concretes for each application and zone.                 
Combining these two systems (SOL-GEL and GUNTIX®HP) add up the advantages of both, better performances of GUNTIX HP application with the benefits of a quick dry-out of SOL-GEL, avoiding spalling risks and resulting in a high performance refractory solution for our customers. 

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