The Nordic Business and Living Lab Alliance is organized by a project funded by Nordic Innovation with partners from all Nordic countries.
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Nordic Business and Living lab Alliance

Newsletter 2/2016


The Nordic Business & Living Lab Alliance held a conference on the 5th of October at this year’s Week of Health and Innovation (WHINN) in Odense, Denmark. The conference centered around the question:  The ‘Nordics’, a great place for testing and creating new health and care solutions?

The Norwegian company AbleOn Medical and the Finish company Peili Vision Oy both presented their experiences with developing and testing new health and care services in the Nordic countries. Sanna Hartman from the Department of Social Services and Health Care in the City of Helsinki, presented how they actively seek to co-create new solutions together with companies and Kristoffer Riis presented how the living lab alliance match the companies with solutions to municipalities with needs.

The conference ended with a panel debate where the panel overall agreed that there is a strong Nordic platform for testing and creating new health and care solutions and that there are good possibilities for further cooperation between Nordic municipalities and companies.

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Guide to the Nordics

The Living Lab Alliance wants to increase the opportunities for companies in scaling up and getting their good, innovative solutions out in other Nordic countries. Therefore we have undertaken the development of a Guide to the Nordics on the health and care sector.
In this guide we will describe the differences and similarities between the Nordic countries when it comes to the health and care sector. We will also be providing advices for how to address the municipal market and the market for health and care solutions. Finally we will present case stories from companies that have succeeded in “going Nordic”. 

The Guide is expected to be finished in Q3, 2017. If you want to co-create it with us you are more than welcome to contact us. 

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Study trip to the UK

We have been offered by the network “Nordic Test beds” - another project financed by Nordic Innovation - to join them for a study trip to the UK in the beginning of December.
Elisabeth Kjellin and Karin Hedberg from the City of Västerås will be joining the tour. We have been invited to participate in the NHS Testbeds joint meeting and meet all of the NHS testbeds. We will also visit Surrey testbed and the West of England Academic Health network testbed in Bristol and hopefully make a lot of learnings to bring back to our own project work.

EhiN Future Health - November 15-16 2016 in Oslo
In 2014 and 2015 the Ministry of Health and IKT-Norge built a national eHealth conference: EHiN – EHealth in Norway. EHiN Future Health 2016 was organized with the support of the IT sector as well as the public health sector. Project owners are IKT-Norge and NSE.
One of the speakers at the conference was Marie Kobro, representing both Oslo municipality and the project Nordic Business and Living Lab Alliance. Based on the experience from the participation in the Nordic project, Oslo municipality has established its own living lab “Behovsarena Oslo”. Marie Kobro – who is the project leader for “Behovsarena Oslo” - told about the work and the 30 candidates that have been involved in the living lab since they started.

Upcoming events...

... that Nordic Business and Living Lab Alliance will attend


Faglig Forum Välfärdsteknologi  8th – 9th December 2016, Oslo Norway

Faglig Forum is Norway’s annual national conference with welfare technology in focus. Marie Kobro is one of many interesting speakers the program has to offer. She is going to tell about a living lab-initiative in Oslo municipality and the work in the Nordic Business and Living Lab Alliance in cooperation with one of the firms that have participated. Through the network Motitech AS have tested their solution in several Nordic countries and will share their experience about the process.

MVTe 24th-25th January 2017, Stockholm Sweden

Sweden’s national meeting place for welfare technology and e-health is a conference and trade show on the introduction of new technology in municipal healthcare and social services. Welfare technology leads to increased independence, security and participation in society if we take the needs and circumstances of the individual as our starting point. Some municipalities are already at the cutting edge in using technology in healthcare and social services, while others are at the starting line. MVTe offers lessons for all levels.
Elisabeth Kjellin and Karin Hedberg from the test bed MISTEL in the City of Västerås will tell about their business and also hold a workshop for municipalities interested in the Nordic Business and Living Lab Alliance.


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