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In this week’s newsletter: how to increase your metabolism, good vs. bad food & saying no
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I hope you’re well.

This week I want to talk about the idea of saying no and how doing so ruthlessly can help you make time and space for the things that matter.

To start I want you to think about how many times have you found yourself saying yes to things you didn’t really want to do.

How many times have you;
  • Eaten stuff you didn’t want to
  • Drunk stuff you didn’t want to
  • Gone to places you had no interest in going to
  • Paid for stuff you didn’t want
  • Missed doing something you wanted to
Every time you say yes when you should say no, you’re slowly chipping away at your own resources; time, money, effort, energy… Resources that are valuable, resources can that can be the difference between you reaching your goals or falling short.

Now I’m not saying that sometimes you won’t have to sacrifice something for the good of someone else, but I am saying that most of the time your priority should be yourself.

Think about this…

One of the biggest barriers to fitness is time. Seriously, one of the most common things I hear from people is that they don’t have enough time to work out regularly, prepare meals, stretch after training and more.

Guess what?

By saying no to some of these things you don’t want to do you instantly free up time you can use to get to the gym 3 times a week, set aside a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon to cook for the week, spend 20 minutes stretching in the evenings and more.

Saying no isn’t about being rude, aggressive or isolated.

Saying no is about prioritising what’s important to you.

This means ruthlessly cutting out the things that don’t matter to you but then ruthlessly pursuing the things that do matter with the time you free up by saying no.

Saying no is about taking control instead of putting it in someone else’s hands.

Here’s what I want to share with you this week:

#1: This week’s blog post looking 10 ways to increase your metabolism. Fat loss is a game of incremental changes over time and stacking the small things to make a big difference. With this in mind, we look at how you can increase your metabolism for greater fat burn and more weight loss over time. Read it here.

#2: My thoughts on staying on track with your diet when away from home. I’ve tried to distil my main opinions and tactics into 4 quick and easy to remember bullet points;
  • Stay active – this doesn’t necessarily mean doing your usual workouts but could be as simple as doing a short bodyweight workout, going for a swim or simply walking more than usual
  • Stay mindful – whilst holidays are a chance to relax and escape the day to day you should stay mindful to maintain your usual good eating habits; prioritise protein, fill up on veggies, eat until satisfied not until stuffed, etc..
  • Skip breakfast – not eating first thing in the morning is a fantastic way of saving calories for bigger meals whilst sticking to your calories when travelling
  • Enjoy yourself – most of all you should enjoy yourself, this doesn’t mean throwing caution to the wind but it does mean if you overindulge a couple of times then enjoy it, don’t punish yourself for it
#3: Another great video by Matt D’avella looking at the myth of bad food. If you’ve read this blog post of mine, then you’ll know this is something I’ve also talked about. It was great to see Matt get together with Jordan Syatt (this guy is great and an inspiration of mine from the fitness industry) to talk about this topic. Watch it here.
My favourite quote from the video “No one got fat from having one doughnut, just like no one got skinny from having one salad.”
#4: Speaking of Jordan Syatt if you don’t know who he is, then this video is not only on topic for this newsletter but a good intro to the kind of person he is. Check it out, you won’t regret it.
#5: Finally, I wanted to share something I wrote around the idea of flexible eating and how you can include the foods you like in your diet without messing it up or having the “bad” outweigh the “good”. Read it here.

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