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Wednesday, April 5
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Reveal details of forthcoming album Every Valley out July 7 on [PIAS] / Inertia
Photo Credit: Dan Kendall
Public Service Broadcasting today share the video for their current single “Progress”, taken from their forthcoming new album Every Valley, out Friday July 7 on [PIAS] / Inertia Music. Directed by Lucy Dawkins and Tom Readdy, previous collaborators of the band on their videos for “Sputnik” and Go! and produced by Yes Please Productions, the video is a playful critque of mechanisation and its true place in the "progress" of humanity.

Inspired by sixties’ cold war movies and filmed in a jet engine testing facility in Suffolk, UK, the clip is a nod to the band's debut album track “Spitfire”, written about the design and construction of the famous fighter plane. 
Public Service Broadcasting - Progress
After two years up in the stratosphere with the hugely successful The Race For Space, Public Service Broadcasting are returning to earth. J. Willgoose, Esq., now has an established reputation for weaving forensic, historical research into evocative storytelling. This time he is taking us on a journey down the mineshafts of the South Wales valleys and using the history of coal mining to shine a light on the disenfranchised.  It is a record about community and what happens to an area when its lifeblood is ripped from it and as much as anything, it is a metaphor for a much larger, global and social malaise.

J. Willgoose, Esq., explains: “I have no personal ties to mining, be it coal or otherwise, and I have no family links to the area, but something about the story drew me in. Perhaps the romanticism of the valleys and their geography attracted me to South Wales in particular. You can’t always explain these things, as I’ve learned. What’s certain in my mind is that this album isn’t just about mining, and isn’t just about Wales. It’s a story reflected in abandoned and neglected communities across the western world, and one which has led to the resurgence of a particularly malignant, cynical and calculating brand of politics.

PSB are also delighted to be able to reveal the full cast of guests featuring on their new record. J. Willgoose, Esq. reveals:

"One of the most exciting things about making this album was working with a whole cast of collaborators and musicians, from the local strings players, The Beaufort Male Choir, and our own brass musicians, all the way through to breakthrough acts like Haiku Salut and more established artists like 9Bach's Lisa Jên BrownTracyanne Campbell of Camera Obscura and a musical hero to me and countless others, James Dean Bradfield of the Manic Street Preachers. I'm so happy - honoured, and humbled, in fact - that we've ended up with all of them on the album. I feel like they've considerably enriched and enhanced our sound and I think the record is all the better for it."

Released on Friday July 7 through [PIAS] / Inertia MusicEvery Valley is a story of dignity and social responsibility and it rails against apathy. In transposing the story of the South Wales miners into the 21st Century of "fake news", populist politics and a total disregard for the voiceless, Every Valley is a resounding call to arms. 
Public Service Broadcasting
Every Valley

1. Every Valley 
2. The Pit
3. People Will Always Need Coal
4. Progress
5. Go To The Road
6. All Out
7. Turn No More 
8. They Gave Me A Lamp
9. You Me
10. Mother Of The Village
11. Take Me Home
Every Valley by Public Service Broadcasting is out Friday July 7
on [PIAS]/ Inertia Music
Get it here:

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