NBA Digital Trading Cards Surge 

Officially-licensed NBA digital trading cards, originally released in 2019 by trading card company Panini, dominated last week's sales charts. Buyers snatched up Panini cards like they were going out of style -- 40 of the top 50 sales last week were from Panini. In particular, cards featuring Kobe Bryant rose the most in price. 

Other interesting pops include:

- Aggretsuko And Friends, 1st Ed | #1/10, Sanrio, $400.00
- Jack and Sally, 1st Ed | #1/300 from The Nightmare Before Christmas, $275.00
- Shh Holographic, 1st Ed | #1/200 from Marvel, $150.00 

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Top Sales, Last 7 Days

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Product News

The engineering team is going to work!

Here's ASAC Schrader, or Uncle Hank from Breaking Bad, giving you a glimpse into what we're building next. A quick rundown:

Just the facts:

- Relative Rarity (from "Common" to "Mythic")
- Sales History (historical sales data for all prints of an item)
- Provenance (past owners of a single print)

The next release, dubbed 4.4.5, will be out in 2 weeks. (Pssst... Zoom in for a hint or two).  

"Ask Me Anything" Recap

“Collectors choose” — that’s the motto

Our CEO and Founder Michael Bramlage popped into our weekly AMA via this Discord. Here are the best bits: 

How are the NFT updates gonna influence the casual users?
Collectors choose the chain; a mean, if you want to protect your baseball card you choose how.....

Is Harmony being integrated with Quidd?
Harmony will be a chain we mint to for sure

After the minting process will all items retain their previous print #/card count? Will there be a time limit as to how long someone has to mint an item?
Three things must go on chain....ownership record, metadata (Quidd’s inventory system), and the art asset

Will we have to pay to mint the nfts?
It depends

So NFT's won't be limited to new items?
That’s where I am interested; I own old stuff and I want it safe and secure
A big part of the question is what of a collectible is mintable — there are layers....

Quidd has no blockchain yet, all centralized. Eventually collectors will choose which chain to mint on. When will this happen?
Soon on a case by case basis
The most important thing for us is to give you the confidence that what you collect lasts 100 years.

I mean here’s how we see it — blockchain is awesome. But it for us is a tool for you to use to ensure you have your item for 100 years or longer.
I have a lot of precious items in my collection — how do I ensure I can hand them down to my grandkids? We’re obsessed with that question…
Just to be clear I will not make a single confirmation or denial about what and when something is mintable. You will see more in about 14 days
I would say this: we’ll proclaim little if anything in advance. When stuff becomes mintable it’ll be because the item itself is mintable. Collecting is serious and so is the money that is spent. No “maybes” or “this might come” or stuff like that.

Wait so what info can you give on it? That’s the biggest question on many of our minds... where are you at with it and what can you tell us?
I would say this: we’ll proclaim little if anything in advance. When stuff becomes mintable it’ll be because the item itself is mintable. Collecting is serious and so is the money that is spent. No “maybes” or “this might come” or stuff like that.

So essentially you don’t want to say anything about it for fear of swaying the market over something that you can’t yet guarantee…
What I can be crystal clear on is this:
- our goal is Quidd lasts 100 years
- this means your items last 100 years
- right now, to do that blockchain is compelling, very compelling 
- in 14 days we’ll put our first stuff on the blockchain, new stuff and sorta old stuff

I guess a lot of us are being impatient which leads to negativity. But hard earned money is being spent. We need reassurance
We will not shill, period. And the last thing I will do is give false promises. Say I have an NFT contract in my hand, we wouldn’t and won’t announce it. We will share our roadmap and the gateways we are building, but what flows through them will contain zero advanced hype.

Is the MLB license agreement still current and if so , any new release for the mlb funko or any new project related to that license? 
You will never be lied to by us. I will say we are aggressively pursuing new licenses, aggressively.

So let me try to summarize, goal is for Quidd to be its own ecosystem one that is unique and in long term exclusive, our items will be ours through this ecosystem and it itself is a striving market not dependency on another entity
So good. For new collectors to Quidd, I think this is reassurance. We’re not 5 weeks old, we’re 5 years old. We’ve been doing this before anyone talked about NFTs and we’ll be doing it long afterwards.
So not to throw shade but feel free to bet on the latest NFT project de jour, one that pops up mysteriously and disappears even more mysteriously. That’s not us. We were here before the hype and will be here long afterwards.

I want to be able to sell beyond Quidd. I want to sell to the ocean instead of a land bound lake.
I agree. That is what we want too.

Sorry for the question repost, but .99 is higher than demand for many cards. But people would spend .30. Is there any possibility of lowering the minimum price on individual cards to increase overall sales?
The floor will lower below 0.99 in about 4 weeks. It is very important that the aftermarket works for completionists as much as high ticket whale hunters

Will Atari packs be purchasable with coins?
Yes. Everyone gets a fair shake at a mintable. Can free to play collector's buy NFTs on TopShot or OpenSea? No. With us, yes.

Lowering prices makes me very happy. Thank you.
It is essential. When the average person gets into collecting are they bidding on million dollar items? Hell no. You have fun, you complete sets, and you do so cheaply.

Will you please take the max cash listings off so that we can list more of our collections?
This will happen when floors drop

Will it be possible to group sell, sell as a bundle or sell sets/collections in the future?. Short version can you sell more than 1 item at once
Long term yes. Sell whole sets, in Q3 or Q4, plus build your own repacks.

I put $100 worth into Cryptokitties and 80% of that went to gas fees and 'renting' another cat to breed. Lol I was out of money before I could get a third cat and I was buying the cheapest ones lol.
At Quidd yesterday I spent $40 on mega packs and pulled a bunch of lows and a card only 4 people own

Dude, gas fees?!?! Quidd is laaaaaaaaaaazzzzzy mint. If it’s good, mint it! If not, don’t. Right??

How long will there be cash only aftermarkets? will new chases always be cash only, even after the award has ended? And why are older sets now cash only?
Hi! It is set by set and there is no direction or policy on windowing

Collector Spotlight

Hi! I'm Andy aka onegaucho and I have been a collector of real-life cardboard and collectibles for many years. When digital cards were introduced to the market almost 10 years ago, I was immediately a fan.

I've been a part of Quidd since the beta and I love how it provides a portable way for me to share my collection with others around the world in an instant. I also love how they have aggregated so many different channels together into a single experience.

One of the most unique features is Quidd's ability to serialize cards - make each one unique - this sets them apart from their competitors along with how they gamify the set completion process. This latter part is what makes Quidd such an exciting app to play. The introduction of the aftermarket was a key step in the process but recently, they made it possible to make cash transactions - buy and sell cards in your collection for real money.

I hadn't been as active with the app in recent times but this new feature has brought me back and I am super excited about the prospects of what might come with how they engage with the NFT model.

In the meantime, I still love collecting great cards and stickers across my favorite channels which include Marvel, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and Panini.

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Last Week's Drops

March 21st
3:00 pm ET – Betty Boop: Sisters Before Misters, Stickers, Part 1♣️
5:00 pm ET – Marvel: Collector's Cache, The Falcon Cards, Day 3 - CE!
7:00 pm ET – Star Trek: Picard, One Impossible Thing At A Time Stickers

March 20th
4:00 pm ET – Marvel: Avengers Ink And Splatters Stickers♣️
5:00 pm ET – Marvel: Collector's Cache, The Falcon Cards Day 2 - CE!
7:00 pm ET – Valiant: Livewire Covers Cards

March 19th
3:00 pm ET – From The Vault: Sing A Song Of Six Pants Stickers, Part 3 ♣️
5:00 pm ET – Marvel: Collector's Cache, The Falcon Cards - CE!
7:00 pm ET – Gallery: Rosalba Carriera and Her Work Cards

March 17th
🍀 Happy St. Paddy's Day! 🍀

3:00 pm ET – Quidd Lit: Irish Fairy Tales Cards ♣️
5:00 pm ET – Quidd Labs: The Lore Of Saint Patrick's Day Stickers
6:00 pm ET – Wormhole! Cash Pack!💰
7:00 pm ET – Quidd Labs: The Luck Of The Irish Stickers

March 16th
Panda Day! 🐼
Also, Two for Tuesday - Two FREE Packs with each drop!
3:00pm ET– Quidd Labs:Fur The Love Of Pandas Stickers♣️
5:00pm ET – Marvel: Scarlet Spider Cards
7:00pm ET – Star Trek: Discovery, Wherever Our Mission Takes Us Stickers

March 15th
4:00 pm ET – Marvel Studios' Black Widow: Secrets And Spies Stickers ♣️
5:00 pm ET – Marvel: Cover Series, The Unbelievable Gwenpool Cards, Part 1
7:00 pm ET – Marvel: Medusa Comic Panels Stickers
8:00 pm ET – Gallery: The Death Of Julius Caesar Card 

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