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Ultra Marathon Caballo Blanco 2017
Without the Ultra Marathon Caballo Blanco, there would be no Mas Korima. Because of it we have friends in our lives that we will love forever. For us, the UMCB encompasses so much more than just a race; in the bottom of a large Canyon, in the little town of Urique, countries, cultures, and athletes from all over the world come together to experience the week, and the run, as one.

Micah, with support from his many Canyon friends, started this special event so many years ago, and this will now be the 10th year since it become known as the “Greatest Race the World has never seen”. Since that first run, the UMCB week has brought about many, many magical experiences for the visiting Mas Locos, the community of Urique, and our Raramuri friends.

The event is so very important to all who call the Barrancas home.  Mas Locos, Norawas de Raramuri, our friends at Luna Sandals, us here at Mas Korima, and so many others are doing all we can to support the Race, the Caballitos Run (youth events), and the community in general to ensure our friend’s simple “Run Free” Message continues to be shared and experienced.  Far and away the best way for all of us to do this is to come down to the Canyon, be with one another, run free, run happy, and carry that Message back on out of the Canyons.  We hope you will join us this early March.  If there are any logistical questions that any of us here at Mas Korima can help with, just let us know.  US based registration at Ultrasignup
Meet Our Messengers - Reuben Brand and Lucky
Our Messenger teams inspire the heck out of us.  With each newsletter, we would like to introduce you to one of them. Reuben Brand and Lucky are one of our Animo’ team, and we just love how they roll (and we love both their better half (third?) Brooke too).  Here’s what Reuben shared with us.

“Traveling to the Copper Canyons and meeting the Raramuri was more than just a drive into Mexico with a group of runners that I was meeting for the first time, it was a life changing experience for me.  I didn't even get to run the Caballo Blanco 50 due to the situation taking place in the canyons at the time.  However, the lesson valuable lesson learned was to truly appreciate the life we are blessed to live, be grateful for the ground we walk on, and love each other unconditionally.  I am grateful and full of joy every day I am able to step foot on a trail with my four-legged partner Lucky and my beautiful girlfriend Brooke.  We are currently college students in San Luis Obispo, CA and when we aren't at school we are running, hiking, soaking in the sun on the beaches of Central California, or simply enjoying the land mother nature blessed us with.

Mas Korima to me means helping one another without any intention to receive something in return.  It is simply doing a good deed because you truly want to help someone less fortunate or in need.  The Raramuri do this on a daily basis, no questions asked and because of this their culture has sustained through many difficult times.  I get chills thinking about this.  I am excited to be a messenger for Mas Korima and give back in any way I possibly can”.
Raramuri Crafts
Like many indigenous native cultures, the Raramuri people have passed down wondrous craft making skills through the generations. These are beautiful arts, and typically functional pieces, that are totally hand made from learnings given to one family member to another and honed for years and years.  Many of our friend’s families rely on sales of these crafts for supplemental, or in some cases, their total financial incomes.  Mas Korima wants to help keep these amazing arts and crafts alive.  We want to support sharing the wonder of looking at each piece and knowing the time and knowledge that went into its creation.  We think these are incredibly special items.  Pine and cactus needle baskets, carved mesquite wood kitchen items, hand woven shawls, knitted pieces, drums, and Rarajipari balls are just some of the many crafts to share.

We offer these crafts on a ‘pass through’ basis, coming directly from the Canyons and the artesian who made them.  And we are seeking additional ways to incorporate the crafts into our endurance athlete nutritional products, such as using the baskets as packaging and promotional pieces for special holidays.  We are definitely excited for the opportunity to share them with our Runner friends.
Newsletter Special
Speaking of crafts, Miguel Lara; Mas Korima team member, champion endurance athlete, and multiple time winner of the Ultra Marathon Caballo Blanco, is also a most excellent craftsman.  Miguel, along with his father-in-law, made several hundred special “scoop spoons” especially designed for putting a serving of Andale! into your bottle or flask (so much better than the basic one that comes with it).  His mother also made a few hundred amazing little pine needle baskets for us.  So, until they run out, we will include a handmade “scoop spoon” in each Andale! purchase, or a basket in each Korimalitas purchase, regardless of any other specials or promotions we have going on.  Just enter CRAFT as your code at checkout.  **We will also be putting something small but pretty cool in the little baskets on random orders - we will save that surprise for when you receive it (those that like spicy will be happy).  As always, thanks most kindly for your support.
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