June 3, 2019
The Compañía Nacional de Danza presents
A Night with Forsythe in Madrid’s
Teatros del Canal 

Back home in Madrid from their successful tour of France, the CND kicks right into action with A Night with Forsythe (Una Noche con Forsythe) at the Teatros del Canal1 and 2 June at 18:00h and
5-9 June at 20:30.
Tickets have sold out for the seven programmed shows.
William Forsythe is considered one of the prominent choreographers of our time. His work has been described as a reorientation of ballet performance, from its identification with the classical repertoire to a dynamic art-form of movement for the 21st Century. The CND is one of the few bodies capable of putting on such an artistically and technically demanding programme. William Forsythe’s world is something like a theatre space with all its innards on show (a stage curtain that drops in the middle of a piece, breaking the flow of a performance of
Artifact Suite, or the use of panels and mobile object to separate stage spaces in Enemy in the Figure). Lighting also plays a central part in his works, delimiting different stage spaces; raw spaces, making the dancers’ silhouettes stand out starkly; or dark spaces, making the dancers disappear in the shadows.
"This programme possesses a historical element highlighting the breadth of William Forsythe’s work" - José Carlos Martínez
The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude is a pas de cinque choreography on the final movement of Schubert’s 9th Symphony. The piece deploys the entire arsenal of the classical ballet repertoire, with clear references to Balanchine and a startling array of classical elements: tutus, point shoes, virtuosity and lyricism and the friendly relationship between dancers of the opposite sex. Dancers face a major challenge in interpreting this piece while displaying all the purity and brilliance offered by classical vocabulary.

In Artifact Suite the choreographer, working upon the music of Bach, explores the workings of academic dance “codes”. At the same time, the piece reveals historical secrets spanning three centuries. The dancers perform a set of formations and variations, deconstructing the set in order to revise the basic steps of academic dance vocabulary and turn them into much more complex forms.

Enemy in the Figure reveals a phase of Forsythe’s work in which exploration of the most complex movement is at the centre of the  piece. The point shoes are dropped and dance movement plays with the surrounding space and the objects occupying it. The choreography unfolds as a constant investigation of movement by way of improvisation and it is impossible for the dancers to “get comfortable and settle” in that process.

Don’t miss the video of our rehearsals at CND 

“Proliferation and perfect disorder … you could say these are the two departure points of many of my creations,” - William Forsythe

And if you missed out on tickets for A Night with Forsythe, get early tickets for the CND’s Gala 40, which will take place in
Teatros del Canal  26, 27 and 28 July.
Photo by Alba Muriel: rehearsal of Enemy in the Figure (dancer: Shani Peretz).
Video by Alba Muriel: rehearsals of A Night with Forsythe and Construyendo la Luz (Constructing the Light).
Photo by Jesús Vallinas: Artifact Suite.

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