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The recent shootings in Parkland, Florida, have reignited the nation's focus on protecting students and staff in our schools. School boards and their administrators are fully aware of the threats and have proactively taken many steps to prepare for these situations. Safety plans, regular drills, training for school employees and new forms of instant communication have been integrated across the state. 

However, the problems and challenges facing our school leaders go beyond district boundaries. The Ohio School Boards Association Board of Trustees recognizes that funding and capacity for mental health services, safety measures and increased training need to be enhanced to ensure that students in this state are safe in their schools each and every day.

On Feb. 24, the OSBA Board of Trustees adopted the attached resolution. Click here to view the resolution. The board understands that OSBA serves incredibly diverse districts across this state, each with varying perspectives on these issues and the most appropriate course of action. We believe this resolution sends a strong message about the need for change, but also stresses local control and maintains a balance between the Second Amendment and school safety.

OSBA is asking boards of education to adopt this resolution and share it with their legislators. Please share a copy of your passed resolution with OSBA’s legislative staff as well. You can email a copy of your resolution to Maryse Gonzalez at mgonzalez@ohioschoolboards.org or mail it to:

OSBA Legislative Division
8050 N High St Ste 100
Columbus, OH 43235

You can find additional student safety information and resources on the OSBA website.

Ohio School Boards Association
8050 N High St, Suite 100
Columbus, OH 43235


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