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DATE: April 24, 2018

RE: Ohio House introduces report card reform bill — HB 591

State Rep. Mike Duffey (R-Worthington) has introduced House Bill (HB) 591, legislation that would reform Ohio’s school district report card. After receiving feedback from the education community about frustrations over the current report card, Duffey began work on the proposed legislation late last year.

According to Duffey, the bill is designed to create a report card system that is understandable, provides value and can be trusted by school districts, parents and legislators.

HB 591 was introduced April 9. The House Education and Career Readiness Committee heard sponsor testimony April 10. Duffey held two interested-party meetings and several meetings with individual stakeholders before introducing the bill.

The State Board of Education also has formed a subcommittee to explore changes to the current report card, and Duffey has outlined his proposal to that group.

Click here for a summary of the provisions in the as-introduced version of HB 591. Duffey has indicated a willingness to make changes to the bill based on feedback from the field. We urge members to contact us with feedback and also reach out to your own legislators to discuss HB 591.

One area of the bill we believe needs additional work is the system for current law provisions affected by letter grades or ratings. Those provisions are: the establishment and administration of academic distress commissions, state academic intervention, eligibility for school vouchers and the establishment and/or operations of charter schools. The current version of HB 591 would retain the old report card calculations for these purposes.

However, we have shared with Duffey that if the old report card is flawed, it should not be used in the future to make these determinations. He indicated during his sponsor testimony that this is an area he intentionally left out of the bill draft because he thought it would be best to discuss it during committee hearings.

The committee is expected to meet again in mid-May; however, we will not know whether HB 591 will be on the committee agenda. Some say it may depend on whether there is positive feedback from the education community.

Feel free to contact us with questions. We strongly encourage you to speak with your own legislators soon.

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