Newsletter - 17th October 2016
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TV Ads Up and Running Again
Our TV ads are going back on TV3, this time with On Demand, available to watch on the internet. The package we bought gives us 9,100 views of the advert before shows such as Story, 6 O'clock News and Paul Henry. We are able to do this because we had some money left over from the great donations we received during our Give A Little Campaign. We were delaying putting the ads back on until the outcome of the complaints that went to the Advertising Standards Authority. We are pleased to report that the ASA ruled in our favour - that our TV ads did not contravene any of the rules around good advertising. See the press release below that we sent regarding the ASA ruling.

We would love to put these ads back on regular TV channels (both TV3 and TV1) but we've run out of funds. So if you are able to make a sizeable contribution and would like New Zealanders to see these ads, please let us know and we can arrange to air them again.
Prof Paul Connett Interviewed on Radio NZ Jesse Mulligan Show
The controversy about our TV ads resulted in providing us with some really good media coverage, as we have been able to publicise that the Advertising Standards Authority ruled in our favour.

Firstly, it has meant that we were able to have Professor Paul Connett interviewed on the Jesse Mulligan Show on Radio New Zealand. RNZ originally interviewed Peter Griffin, an ex-journalist (with a creative writing degree) who is the Manager of the Science Media Centre. FFNZ wasn't allowed to participate in that radio discussion, even though it was about our own TV ads. We complained, so Radio NZ interviewed Paul Connett last week.

Secondly, we had an article published on mainstream internet Stuff News, which was re-published in some other news outlets, and drove over 2,500 people to view our ad online.

And contrary to media reports, our "Fluoride Is Toxic Waste" TV Ad was aired on TV nine times in total and the "Countries That Don't Fluoridate" ad was aired 14 times.

Hear the interview with Peter Griffin (Science Media Centre) which took place on 11th of August. We are sure you will agree that it sounds more like an infomercial, as both sides of this controversial topic were not presented for discussion. Also contrast the manner in which this first interview was conducted by Jesse Mulligan to when Prof Connett was interviewed, which was very antagonistic.
Fluoride Free NZ Wins on Advertising Complaints

Press Release 5th October 2016

The New Zealand Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled in favour of Fluoride Free New Zealand (FFNZ) regarding their controversial TV ads screened this winter. All of the complaints against the FFNZ TV ads were rejected.

FFNZ produced two TV adverts that aired on TV3 in July and August this year. The Advertising Standards Authority received a number of complaints that claimed that the information presented was “untrue” or “played on fear.”

The ASA outright rejected the complaints about the first ad, which listed all the ““Countries That Do Not Fluoridate Their Water”, saying there was no basis to proceed with the complaint. The advert stated that 98% of Europe did not fluoridate, and only 4% of the world had water fluoridation.

Complaints were received from another six people who also claimed that the FFNZ ad about fluoride chemicals being “Toxic Waste” was “not factual” and “played on fear.” This advert described how the chemicals used to fluoridate 50% of New Zealand’s drinking water are hazardous..

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NZ Court of Appeal Finds in Favour of Fluoridation
Earlier this month, the Court of Appeal ruled against the New Health New Zealand case trying to stop fluoridation in Taranaki.

New Health NZ have been fighting this issue since 2012 when the South Taranaki District Council decided it wanted to fluoridate the little townships of Patea and Waverley, despite local citizens telling the Council they did not want it.

See our page Legal Status of Fluoridation to find out the background and the current situation about the proposed legislation to shift the responsibility of fluoridation from the councils to the DHBs.
Election Results

We have lost some really good Councillors who have been helping us fight against water fluoridation - and District Health Board members too. But we're pleased that some of the newly elected ones will be good for us.

We have yet to update our Elections page on the FFNZ website, but will do so over the next couple of weeks so you can see how the elected Councillors and DHB members responded to our survey (those that did respond).

Scientist Merilyn Haines Says Fluoridation Must End
At a recent fluoridation debate at the Mackay Regional Council, Scientist Merilyn Haines completely destroyed the case for fluoride in the water in just 15 minutes. Mackay has now stopped fluoridation.

Please take the time to watch this short video and share with those who still think fluoridation is a good idea, but may not be willing to sit through some of the longer videos available on YouTube.

Please click here to watch.
Please sign our petition and share with all your friends to stop mandatory nationwide fluoridation
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